Cushion Shoe Inserts

Cushion Shoe Inserts

362-2 moldable shoe inserts is the optimal choice for mans with plantar fasciitis pain. It has a rigid arch support for preventing arch dropping and relieving arch pain. We also have a lot of high - quality products , if you need , please contact us.




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1. Product Specification of the Cushion Shoe Inserts

Product Specification.jpg

Model:   362-2
Main Material: Sublimated Graphic Polyester + Red Shock aborption Rubber Foam + High density Rubber Bottom

U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#

MOQ:  1000prs

2. Product Introduction of the Cushion Shoe Inserts

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This product can help you Lessens strain on the plantar fascia, making the SOLE ideal for people with plantar fasciitis. Improves balance and stability control. Optimizes Natural Motion™. Make foot natural in healthy position. Provides heel cushioning. It is very good for your feet healthy, when you sport.

We have custom insoles and prefabricate insoles. We hope to Be your partner. Please contact us!

3.Heat Adjustment Instructions

Applying heat at the bottom side in the arch area will allow you to either raise or lower the arch. You do this by bending it into the desired way (increase or decrease) then holding it there until it cools down a bit.

You should only heat it up 30 seconds or so. Depends on how hot your heat gun gets. If it is to hot for you to touch it you heated to much.

TIP: "I often after heating it and bending it I will place it under cold water or into a bowl while holding it. That helps it cool down and then retain its position."

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