Heat Moldable Arch Supports

Heat Moldable Arch Supports

M+3-1 orthotic insoles is the best athletic shoe inserts for all sports and an active lifestyle. Help to correct weight distribution and posture problems and provide portection for your feet against fungus and odour. Is the best choice for athlete and dress





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1.Heat Moldable Arch Supports

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Main Material

Microfiber + White Soft Eva + Blue Fabric Bottom +   Hot-melt Adhesive for Heatmoldable


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#



2. Product Introduction of Heat Moldable Arch Supports

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1.The microfiber layer provides a soft and comfortable contact surface for the foot. Has a certain keep feet cool,warm,comfortable and dry effect .

2.A transverse arch support for relieve metatarsal pain.

3.Anti-microbial & anti-bacterial fabric breathable top cover cools foot.

4.Designed to be heat moldable orthotic insoles, Users can adjust their best support according to their own circumstances.

5.If you want to know more about the product, please log in to E - mail contact us.


Molding Directions 

1.Remove orthotic insoles from packaging and set aside.   

2.Remove original shoe Inserts from your shoes.

3.You may need to trim toe of your orthotics insoles with scissors for proper fit-use the original shoe insoles as a guide.     

4.Warm up Heat-moldable Insoles by Hair-dryer at the Bottom heel part. 

5.Heat for 3 minutes.    

6.Carefully put the Heat-moldable Orthotic into shoes

7.Step in footwear and stand up straight with toes pointing forward. Do not bend toes.

8.Bend knees slighty to put your feet into a neutral position and stand still for approximately 1 minute.

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