Heat-moldable Orthotic Insoles

Heat-moldable Orthotic Insoles

362-1 Orthopedic arch support insoles was designed to be a heat-moldable. Helps protect the heel and arch from impact, and relieve plantar pain



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1. Product Specification of the Heat-moldable Orthotic Insoles

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Model: 362-1
Main Material: Sublimated Graphic Polyester + Green Shock aborption Rubber Foam + High density Rubber Bottom

U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#

MOQ:  1000prs
ORTHOTIC: Transverse arch bruising, Built-in arch support, Plantar fasciitis, And promotes a healthy alignment of foot structure.

2.Product Can be put in the oven for optimal molding for Orthopedic base layer :

1.Remove the Heat-moldable Orthotics from packaging and set aside.

2.Pre-heat oven to 220 0F / 104 0C

3.Remove original insole from your footwear.(If glued in,leave them in place.)  4.You may need to trim toe of your Heat-moldable Orthotics with scissors for proper fit-use the original shoe insoles as a guide.  

5.Place the Heat-moldable Orthotic on oven-safe sheet with top cover facing up and put into oven.

6.Heat for 2 minutes.

7.Carefully put the Heat-moldable Orthotic into shoes

8.Step in footwear and stand up straight with toes pointing forward.Do not bend toes.

9.Bend knees slighty to put your feet into a neutral position and stand still for approximately 1 minute.

10.Your new Orthotics are now ready to wear.

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