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Part 1 Selection and Recommendations of Healthy Shoes-Weak Arch and Flat Feet
At this time you say: OK, then I know! I am now starting to exercise myself every day, and I walk 10,000 steps a day to exercise my foot strength. This is a good idea, but the first thing many friends will face is to start having Achilles tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, or even knee pain. Because when the structure has changed, the mode of muscle operation will also change. Therefore, the muscles are not as good as you and I imagined.

Therefore, for children, parents should care more about: Is it better to take the children to run and jump, or even exercise on the beach or grass. In addition, whether you are a child or an adult, choose a good pair of shoes for yourself! When the structure of the foot can be stable or upright, the muscle strength of walking or running will be easier to develop.

Part 2 My definition of healthy shoes
There are hundreds of types of healthy shoes on the market, and most of them are made up of the insole design inside the shoes. A good pair of healthy shoes should not only consider the entire structure of the shoe, but also consider the design of the space inside the shoe.

Selection and advice on healthy shoes-insole design
For example, some of the insoles are covered with bumps on the surface that claim to stimulate the soles of the feet; some are made of memory foam material that claims to be decompressive and comfortable; some are full of air cushions that claim to relieve pressure evenly. And my view of healthy shoes is still from the structure.

I should have said one thing when I was in school before: there is no redistribution of pressure without changes in hardness. This sentence is very classic showing the essence of healthy shoes and customized insole design. If I want to change my low arch, the design of the insole must be partially supported and partially decompressed, so that it can really help.

We focus on healthy shoes. A healthy shoe that really meets the ideal should be based on the anatomy of the foot or the design based on the mechanical structure. If your foot has some shape problems (such as low arches, thumb valgus), but it is not diseased. Status, the choice of healthy shoes can really help us.

The group of children is very special, and their arches are not fully formed when they are young. If you can wear a pair of healthy shoes that can stimulate the expansion and growth of plantar muscles and assist the healthy development of the foot, then appropriate training and movements will be of great significance to their foot development.

Part 3 steps to choose shoes
This sharing of healthy shoes is mainly to let everyone know that the design of healthy shoes should be based on the principles of human biomechanics, so that everyone should not mistakenly choose shoes that do not conform to the principle because of the sales staff.

Selection and advice on healthy shoes

1. Compare the five keys to choosing shoes. These are the cornerstones of general shoe selection: a. The heel must be hard b. The middle body must be twist-resistant and flexible c. The forefoot can be bent d. The toe must be wide e. Wear flat bottom less shoe

2. Ordinary people can (but not necessarily) choose healthy shoes. The design of healthy shoes is mainly to make you feel more labor-saving and more efficient when walking. Therefore, the feeling when trying on is very important. You should be able to feel more stable and Easier.

3. The following types of friends are those who I think need healthy shoes more than ordinary people:

A. People who have foot deformities (flat feet, hallux valgus, hammer toes, etc.), but they do not bother their lives.

B. The elderly. This is based on overall health considerations. Many elders wear inappropriate shoes and feel tired or even painful and uncomfortable at once. Change a pair of good shoes and encourage your elders to go out more, which can improve your physical strength and physical condition.

C. Children in the golden period of growth and development, the foot muscles are not yet fully developed, semi-custom insoles can be used to stimulate the plantar receptors, strengthen the plantar muscles, and promote healthy development.

Fourth, healthy shoes are not medical. So if you are really troubled by foot pain, you should find professionals such as doctors and physical therapists to find out the root of the problem first.

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