Diabetes insoles

Diabetic insoles is designed for people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that cause sensitive feet.

Diabetic insoles feature soft, low-density fabric to help eliminate spots that can cause blisters, help reduce foot pain, and can be an integral part of diabetic foot care.

Diabetes Insoles
Arch support diabetic insoles (258)
Importance of Removable Pegs in Diabetic Insoles
Removal pegs diabetic insoles (011)
Diabetic Pegs Off-loading Assistant Insole
Diabetic Pegs Off-loading Assistant Insole (B2406)
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What are the effects of diabetes on feet

  • High blood sugar, slow blood flow
  • Slow wound healing
  • Impaired or lost sensation in the feet
  • Worsening foot wounds
  • Eventually requiring amputation

What are the advantages of diabetes insoles

the Role of Insoles in Diabetic Foot
  • Shore A10 top cover of EVA
  • Shore A40 bottom-sole of EVA
  • Wrap-around heel design to prevent foreign objects.
  • Insoles can be heat-molded for a perfect fit.

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