Diabetes insoles

Diabetic insoles is designed for people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that cause sensitive feet.

Diabetic insoles feature soft, low-density fabric to help eliminate spots that can cause blisters, help reduce foot pain, and can be an integral part of diabetic foot care.

Diabetes Insoles
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What are the effects of diabetes on feet

1. High blood sugar in the blood;
2. Slow blood flow in the capillaries, leading to slow wound healing, easy formation of ulcers, suppuration, and gangrene, which may require amputation in severe cases;
3. Loss of sensation and pain.
4. Impaired or lost sensation in the feet;
5. Insufficient oxygen supply to the joints, leading to inadequate nutrient supply to the skin, making the feet prone to injury;
6. Joints are prone to dislocation, arches of the feet easily collapse, and foot joints are prone to deformities.

What are the advantages of diabetes insoles

  1. The top cover needs to be skin-friendly and soft to avoid skin abrasion, so the diabetes insole needs to use a special top foam for diabetes (e.g. plastazote, which is physical foaming, non-irritating, nitrogen open-cell foaming, and good breathability). However, because the plastazote is expensive, we have developed ultra-fine EVA material, which is characterized by cell-closed foaming and hardness Shore A 10.
  2. The hardness of the bottom-sole material should be Shore A40, and the softness and hardness of the sole should be consistent from the toe to the heel, which can evenly [dɪˈspɜːs] disperse the pressure and properly support. The foaming material can protect the skin of the foot that is [ˈvʌlnərəbl] vulnerable to injury; Our top and bottom materials are generally made of EVA.
  3. The insole has a wrapping property, which can prevent foreign matters from entering the plantar foot;
  4. The insole can be thermoplastic (about 100 ℃) and hot drying gun (about 110 ℃), which can make the insole fit the foot shape.
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