Heat moldable Orthotic

Heat moldable insoles are ideal for sale in shops and clinics. She is the best substitute for customized insoles with complicated processes and high prices. She can also achieve 100% customization, keep the foot structure 100% stable, and provide a healthy foundation for the body.
PP Shell Heat moldable
3/4 PP Shell Heat moldable pads (css757)
Flat heat moldable insoles
Flat heat moldable insoles (M+4)
Quik Orthoses Former
Quick Orthoses Former (YL-1251)
Heat moldable insoles for arch support
Heat moldable insoles for arch support (362)

How to get customized insoles on heat moldable

The heat moldable insole, which is made from the thermoplastic heel cup can be reshaped to adjust the architecture support to fit the individual foot construction exactly. Pls follow the processing as follows:

Step 1:Heat the sheel 120C (248F) in 5-6mins to be softer;
Step 2:Put the insole into a shoe flat and stand on them;
Step 3:Standing with shoulder width, and knees bent forward slightly till the insole cooling down.

And you will get a customized support insole for your feet.

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