Custom orthotics

Whether you are looking for a new Orthotic supplier or to start your Orthotic brand, we are your one-stop-shop solution from design and CNC Milling to in-house production, quality control, and final packing.

We currently serve many leading international and micro brands and offer the same specialized services to clients, big or small. Send us your ideas, and we will help you transform them into reality.

Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
Custom-made insoles
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Who we are

As a professional Certified Pedorthist team, we provide custom made insole for Chinese patients for over 7 years, we have actually begun to receive overseas customized insole business.


We use the Del Cam combo CNC Milling and Vacuum pressing system to make custom-made Orthotic Insole for clients.
In our labs, we are occupied with Foot scanners, Static Pressure measurement, and Dynamic Gait analysis systems to gather patient foot information, Analyse and fulfill 3D foot design, and transfer the data to CNC milling or 3D printing machines to complete the Orthoics.
From Podiatrists, pedorthist, orthotist & prosthetists, we get their foot scan data (STL format typically) and prescriptions to Import into our design and production system to complete the customized insole.

About Ideastep

How we do

Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
1. Foot Scan
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
2. Pressure Test
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
3. Foot Palpation
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
4. Electronic Prescription
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
5. Style Design
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
7. Complete Custom Orthotics
Custom Orthotic Insoles Workflow
8. Delivery

The process from the order until you get the orthotic back including:

  1. Get foot data, the acceptable forms include:
    3D foot scan data STL format
  2. Make Orthotic according to the client's prescription
  3. Use the following two different technics to make products as per client requirements
    Heating and Vacuum Forming process
  4. Grinding & Adding Corrections
    The orthosis is finished by hand using a grinding and or cloth wheel. And add wedges and a Cushioning Top Cover.
  5. Pack according to customer requirements and arrange express delivery to the door
  6. Time of delivery:
    Custom Orthotic insole 3days in production
    Transportation takes 4-7 days depending on the situation

It will be our honor to cooperate with you in this field.

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What you get

  1. Cost saving
  2. Time saving
  3. Professional manufacturing

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