90% of parents don’t know the children’s foot little secret

the parents always worry about the child’s eyes, teeth, and other body parts, but seldom noticed the child’s foot health, without a pair of healthy feet, how can children grow happily? Without a pair of healthy feet, how can children striding forward? Want to know your child’s foot health? Let’s do a simple test. Feet touch water, printed in the newspaper a footprints, will find a foot inside an obvious sag.

the arch collapse, flat feet, foot fatigue and pain. If not treated, for a long time may cause a strain on the plantar fascia, fasciitis, the symptom such as bone spur, more severe cases can lead to more knee pain and waist pain, so the children foot problems cannot be ignored. High arches without effective treatment. Along with the development of the disease, can lead to neck and shoulder pain, humpback, even into functional length of the legs, spine lateral bending, complications such as plantar fasciitis, and because of the knee to the lateral Angle is big, cause knee joint to the lateral Angle is too large, lesions, is downhill, down the stairs when the knee joint fatigue and pain. If your child is flat feet, high arches, that how to do? Children walk within eight, eight, O leg, X leg clearly? Don’t try so hard to the children’s bone is not fully developed before can be adjusted by the day after tomorrow, then can be professional foot health examination, experts will give you the most scientific assessment and solution, configure appropriate correction orthodontic appliances such as shoes, corrective custom orthopedic insoles help relieve foot problems, etc.

but in the use of orthopedic insoles has the following points need to pay special attention to instructions: for example 1: how long have to wear every day. The effect will be better? A: with good insoles, began to wear 1 ~ 2 hours a day, gradually transition to the 7 to 8 hours. As they used to, enough shoes fitting is recommended, walking every day should be as much as possible to wear, wear the longer the better the results. For example 2. How long does it need to go to the hospital check again? Answer: general review every 4 ~ 6 months time, convenient foot division correction, adjust the insole. But if you have any discomfort during the process of wear, all needs to review in a timely manner.

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