After sufficient evaginate what method to treat?

1。 Passive movement: children with supine position, the healer control with the outer rim, the foot inside and outside pull over and over again, to stimulate the excitability of the tibialis anterior muscle, posterior tibial. To make fast the tibialis anterior muscle, posterior tibial taps, to induce muscle contraction.

2。 Active sports

1) Can let the children in the cross section of the long walk on board of the triangle, promote through the lateral margin of overweight.

2) If children can finish the walk, it should be in the children’s shoes, arch below to place a corrective orthotic insole manufacturers, can get high arches, make sufficient for part of the lateral margin of weight.

3) Also some people think that a step stool to walk for 10 minutes, two to four times a day to correct sufficient evaginate effectively.

3。 Massage: due to the small child age, to adopt conservative treatment effect is good, among them, the massage massage with promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dredge the effect of the body, is more suitable for treatment of children sufficient evaginate.

4, acupuncture therapy, acupuncture and guide line for the treatment of sufficient evaginate effect also is pretty good.

5, wear shoes with orthopaedic, gypsum orthopaedic, support orthopaedic

6, surgical treatment, suitable for more than six months, unable to rectify. Operation method owing to the different condition.

wearing appropriate own foot of orthopedic shoes will help ease the deterioration of foot problems, also can cooperate with suitable foot movement effect on one layer.

if parents found that children with sufficient evaginate. Should send for a doctor to the hospital to make professional assessment first, under the guidance of a doctor to correct.

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