After the child sufficient evaginate parents know how much?

the baby healthy and happy growth is treasure treasure mom dad’s wish, but babies foot problems easily ignored by the parents. If not timely detection and treatment, may be permanent effects on the baby. And at the foot of a series of related issues, sufficient evaginate are very common.

children under the age of 12, due to the foot bone is not fully mature, common severe flat feet, accompanied by sufficient evaginate of things, the main reason for the arch collapse, after sufficient evaginate, children standing or walking for a long time after the foot fatigue or pain. Sufficient evaginate is refers to the baby parapodum weight and landing within standing or walking, parapodum bow subsidence, characterized by foot to the lateral deflection. Foot is composed of 26 bones, form three arches, respectively is the internal parapodum bows, outside parapodum bow and transverse arch, arch stability is very important to the function of the foot, within which parapodum GongRe is lower, more severe for flat feet, are easily leads to the formation of a sufficient evaginate.

sufficient evaginate is how cause?

1。 Some baby sufficient evaginate has certain genetic predisposition, having sufficient evaginate baby’s parents are higher than normal risk of developing sufficient evaginate family.

2。 Factors associated with shoes has a very the day after tomorrow.

3。 Calcium deficiency or habits harmful is also the cause of infant sufficient evaginate.

what is the effect of sufficient evaginate to the baby?

1。 Walking for a period of time prone to fatigue, cause baby I don’t like to walk.

2。 Abnormal biological forces lower limb line running lead to run fast and easy to fall.

3。 Easy to cause abnormal posture, affect the growth of lower limb musculoskeletal, particularly affecting the normal development of the knee joint, causing X leg.

parents friends if discover to there is sufficient evaginate abnormal posture, the baby will take the baby to the hospital as early as possible for assessment and treatment, under the guidance of a doctor to correct, choose appropriate corrective assistive devices.

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