your baby’s foot development is a dynamic process, in the process of development, need to carefully care baby’s foot. If the baby age is bigger, in the elementary school higher grades, still present flat feet, must take the child to correct shoes and custom insoles center the development situation of the children, to evaluate and determine. Baby shoes to rectify the configuration generally should pay attention to the following content, can work correctly.

how old is your baby can wear corrective shoes

when the baby can wear corrective shoes, this is a problem that many children parents with flat feet problems. In general before 4 years old children is a correction is not recommended to wear shoes, because before the age of four, boy hasn’t appeared, arch of the foot thick fat covering arch, most of the children at this stage to present the status of the pseudo flat feet. To 4 years old, fat will be absorbed slowly, arch appears with the absorption of fat. Had parents see the child appeared arches are not panic, afraid of children with serious flat feet, this is unscientific. For this stage parents need to do is to correct the child daily sitting and walking posture, give the child a good foot protection, carefully observe the child’s foot.

at the end of the 4 years old, children arch of the foot appeared gradually, slowly to finalize the design. If the children in the elementary school higher grades, foot flat feet still present serious situation, must take the child to professional institutions, such as correct shoes and custom insoles center to consult. Want to test your child is severely flat feet, the child’s foot wet, pressure really white paper, if part of the middle sag and forefoot area basic alignment, or exceed half feet, is severely flat feet, custom corrective insoles can help in this period children foot back to normal.

how to customize corrective insoles

configuration correction shoes before, need to customize the correct insoles. So how to customize or corrective insoles for children? First select correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center and other professional institutions, and then according to the measurement of large machines and gait tracking technology, to receive his foot accurate data. Finally, the foot division correction according to each user’s foot, custom correct insoles. Custom corrective insoles process is cumbersome, but only the custom insoles, is the first step to correct severe flat feet.

so general custom shoes is how to help children to rectify the foot back to normal? To correct shoes and custom insoles center as an example, the correct shoes through the heel cup, corrective insoles, dual density soles, etc. Series of integrated design, to help severely flatfoot children more effective righting the heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk reduce joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications.

custom insoles after correction, you need to do proper exercise and massage, can promote the feet quickly returned to normal.

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