Bubble foot more benefits, but also should vary from person to person

Love to eat love to play love to enjoy the big literary giant Su Shizeng wrote in verse:

master advised me to wash feet, pour the bed no longer hear the bell and drum.

mud a foot outside the Ming dynasty, beginning of the night the rain so much enlightenment.

careless said master let I soak the foot bed, composed of my sleep, don’t even know, in the middle of the night the rain until I go out on a leg. No trash a leg of mud that is a guess, but it’s true that bubble foot in addition to sleep, have a lot of benefits. We have twelve meridians, the human body and the foot is one of the six meridians load-point, there are more than 60 points, and the whole body all has the close relationship of zang-fu organs and meridians, the body’s vital organs have corresponding projection on foot. If can insist before sleeping with hot bubble foot, stimulate the acupuncture points, to help promote blood running, regulate visceral functions, dredge the body meridian, to adjust the viscera function, we usually enhanced physique has certain benefits.

a sleep aid that su shi said, he is not here to talk nonsense, and the other benefits?

1。 Reduce joint muscle soreness. A lot of foot bath shop in the bubble foot add ginger water, why? Because ginger wind cold dehumidification effect is good!

2。 Ease other differentiation of cold symptoms. Such as cold usually afraid of the cold, hands and feet and so on all can get a good effect by insisting on bubble foot.

bubble foot so good, is all to bubble?

this is not, it is a good thing is also vary from person to person.

hot venereal disease patients, such as high fever, hemorrhage, and dry mouth hot tongue is unfavorable to soak the foot.

in patients with heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, hypotension, often dizziness, unfavorable also use hot bubble foot or long bubble hot spring. After hot bubble foot or bubble hot spring, can cause human vasodilation, blood will flow to the surface by the important organs, can lead to important organs such as heart and brain ischemia oxygen, increase their risk of the disease.

the bubble foot how bubble?

1。 The temperature of the water to soak the foot with 38 ~ 43 ℃ advisable, had better not more than 45 ℃. Adjustment should be according to their own feel.

note: patients with diabetes, lower extremity varicose veins due to peripheral nerve can’t normal perception outside temperature, should pay special attention to the water temperature of high and low, otherwise easy to burn, so for the diabetic foot, varicose veins, and athlete’s foot, soak the foot may not be very suitable, so bubble foot while benefits but also should vary from person to person.

2。 Bubble foot time shoulds not be too long, generally bubble to body fever, sweating, slightly so there are 15 – It is advisable to 30 minutes.

3。 The tub material selection to the tub is preferred.

4。 An hour after the meal is unfavorable to soak the foot.

5。 According to oneself circumstance, in the bubble foot in the water and in view of the role of medicine.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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