To make your custom made insoles installation more easily, Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. will provide instructions such as installation manuals or installation videos to help you. We will try our best to make the explanations clear and easy to understand. It’s important to correctly install this product for later use. If you are not sure of your job, just contact Customer Support, discuss the problem, and get it resolved. Our after-sales support is pretty effective. We will help you resolve the problem immediately in most of the cases.
Can custom made insoles be installed easily?
Ideastep Insoles leads the development of running insoles industry. Ideastep Insoles’s orthopedic shoe inserts series include multiple types. hiking insoles is exquisite in workmanship and reasonable in structure. Besides, it has a terminal protective cap to effectively protect the terminal and reduce the damage rate of the terminal. Kids Orthotics owns advantages of orthotic insoles. Its logo can be made by transfer printing, stamping printing, silk printing, etc.
Can custom made insoles be installed easily?
We ​​highly values after-sales service through Ideastep Insoles. Get quote!

3 days return 30 days replacement

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