bubble forum will often find, many parents often face a problem, the home children with severe flat feet, how should be scientific treatment? If use correct shoes to intervene, children often feel wearing uncomfortable, should not be too early for children wear shoes with correct?

sichuan huaxi sports medicine center director li said in an interview of the arrow, the child before the age of four, fat feet thick, doodle is meat, the meat can make power buffer, therefore, flat feet before 4 years old is hard to find; And after 4 years old children to adolescence, arch began slowly to form, problems began to emerge. ‘If the child often shout tired, he may not be lazy, just may herald a child may have flat feet. ‘Flat feet when standing refers to the low arch or subsidence, arch lack push and shock absorption function, walking a long time will be easy to tired feet. ‘For a shout tired this kind of phenomenon, lee explained the arrow.

he believes that parents can give to a child’s foot health attaches great importance to, and found the problem as soon as possible, avoid missed the best gold intervention period. ‘So far the domestic most places don’t have a epidemiological investigation to explain the child’s foot health problems do what, when found the problem to the hospital, often have been adult, has lost the chance of correcting. In severe cases, can only take the foot orthopaedic surgical procedure to correct. ‘

so for severe flatfoot children, should be how to scientifically improve?

corrective shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles professional foot division correction action, says children with severe flat feet should be regularly to the professional institutions or hospitals in foot detection, depending on the foot test results to choose the appropriate correct shoes. Wear corrective shoes can adjust the foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs. And, when mom and dad found that children with severe flat feet, should be involved in treatment.

in addition to wear corrective shoes, the foot corrective shoes also suggested children take an active part in sports activities, in the process of movement, foot problems encountered in the development, can get corrected slowly. Before exercise to do warm-up exercise, after exercise, can do foot massage after the body relax, stretch, with hot bubble foot, alleviate foot fatigue, improve the condition of flatfoot.

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