a lot of parents in their children’s growth stage, for severe flat feet have a lot of questions: what is a flat feet, what is the harm? How to observe whether children have flat feet, whether correct? Below will provide parents with answers.

flat feet indicates flat feet

look flat foot are not necessarily flat feet. Baby in infancy to two years, due to the foot fat is more, the soles of your feet look chubby, arch is not obvious. It is not really a flat feet. Only by looking at whether children’s foot to define its people with flat feet, is not comprehensive. Real patients with flat feet, the feet touch the ground, heel relative to the earth to move, and normal person in the whole foot touches the ground, heel and the ground should be vertical.

flat foot heel in patients with normal heels

to teach you a few action: find the child’s flat feet

parents followed by whether children should be paid attention to in addition to moving perpendicular to the ground, should also pay attention to the following foot symptoms:

1. Children are reluctant to walk more, often want to hug want to sit.

2。 Heel to wear.

3。 A short journey on foot feels the foot or knee pain.

4。 When walking foot show ‘eight’ or ‘eight’, often lead to fall.

5。 The arch is too low, even no arch ( Arch is the inside of the foot on the arc of the arch)

the above symptoms, adults also apply.

flat feet, harm than the foot

and knee, ankle joint pelvis and lumbar back joints, close relationship. If ankle joint inward when walking for a long time, the legs will follow other related parts twist, not only causes the heel pain, still can cause low back pain, pelvic pain, and even the knee cartilage wear, etc. If not corrected as early as possible, suffering from deteriorating, pains will affect the life and work. For the children, flat feet, not only to foot and leg muscle fatigue, pain, will also directly hinders the development of the body and mind.

the foot orthopaedic has exquisite

with flat feet more for families, such as early intervention ( After two years of age, before the age of 13) , which can effectively reduce sequelae.

how to choose a pair of suitable and effective orthopedic insoles? on the market most of them adopt a soft material, retainer force is weak, only can temporarily alleviate foot pain; With each person’s foot shape and weight is different, some batch production of custom orthopedic insoles is not suitable for long-term foot orthotics. Can choose tailored right of orthopedic insoles, can relieve foot fatigue and pain, helps the baby foot healthy growth.

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