Children sufficient evaginate after a severe flat feet?

children under the age of 12, due to the foot bone is not fully mature, common severe flat feet, accompanied by sufficient evaginate of things, the main reason for the arch collapse, after sufficient evaginate, children standing or walking for a long time after the foot fatigue or pain.

children through testing instrument measuring degrees after the s-class – sufficient evaginate 6 ° ~ 8 ° or grade A – More than 8 °, showing has severe flat feet, parents should not be ignored, positive processing.

it is recommended to use children’s orthopedic shoes and followed by the locking orthopedic insoles, heel cup inside the shoes, and hard, raised, control after sufficient evaginate, parcel scaphoid near joint, to improve the stability of the hocks horizontal joints, reducing scaphoid prominent risk; Dual density soles design, hard outside soft inside, the inside sole support with high density, increase the inside of the sole support in the middle of the gait support, reduce the pancake collapse under full bow and after sufficient evaginate. And followed by the locking corrective orthotic insole manufacturers, according to the degree of flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to give the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, has followed by slope, arch supporting material, followed by a socket spanner design WYVXZ insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

after put on the centralizer biological force of heel and ankle, knee, hip line, the children were walking, can reduce joint strain rate, relieve muscle fatigue and pain. Insisted on wearing shoes at the same time, insist to do the corresponding foot movement, the foot has a very good help.

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