childhood, flat feet are multiple times. How to judge whether a child is what kind of flat feet flat feet, just needs to use correct shoes intervention, intervention when flat feet and so on questions to become parents to the child common problems in the process of growth. To talk about today, if children appear flat foot problems, how should scientific intervention.

flat feet intervention in the golden age of

at fudan university, director of the institute of sports medicine, foot health and shoes, director of the center, professor, PhD supervisor professor shi-yi Chen believes that if flat feet and foot conditions appear, usually before the age of 14, the effect of the treatment and correction to the child is the best.

why shi-yi Chen professor will say that? The growth of children arch of the foot around the age of six, began to rapid development, begin to present, foot arches and about to 14, arch shape. So in 6 – Between 14, children prone to foot abnormal phenomenon such as flat feet, foot development intervention for children as soon as possible, so that you can avoid flat feet and bring the foot irreversible impact. At present, for the children before the age of 14, if severe flat feet, foot configuration is suitable for children develop corrective shoes is more conservative and effective way of correction.

flat feet between scientific intervention

believe that many parents have heard that, if the children after flat feet or foot evaginate, best to customize the correct custom orthopedic insoles. What is behind the reason? Many parents simply think children shoes to rectify the flat feet just looking for a flat feet, little imagine, flat feet also has a lot of kinds, like glasses, need according to the degree of depth, with or without astigmatism variables such as customization. Many children grow up in the foot, foot GongBian collapse degree is different, even if the same arch height, some children will have sufficient evaginate and other development status, so the parents had better bring in to the correct shoes and custom insoles for a class of professional bodies to measure the foot, then customizing corrective custom orthopedic insoles for foot. General measure program including instrument analysis technique, gait observation and inspection, etc. , through 3 d measurement of large instruments and gait tracking, combined with the large data analysis, comprehensive consideration of physical development information, such as height and weight can accurately measuring the growth of the foot, correction of matching shoes are presented.

corrective shoes configuration is completed, will consider how to transition from general children’s shoes to the correct shoes wear. Because the correct shoes design is hard to achieve correct function. Should follow the correct shoes for the first time, so the progressive rules. From the wear only 1 – every day 2 hours to wear throughout the day. Through scientific schedule, after children adapt to correct shoes, can slowly intervention and correct foot type.

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