Orthodigist and rehabilitation division reminded that orthopedic insoles are much more professional than you think. If you buy it casually, you may bring greater damage to your feet, and even affect your knees and hip joints. By the way, the waist and neck hurt together.

According to the orthopedicist, the main role of orthopedic insoles is to correct biomechanical problems caused by physical structural nature. Each pair must be designed and tailor -made according to the customer’s specific issues. The orthopedician recommends that customers with obvious symptoms or pain in their feet are best to diagnose professional medical institutions and conduct customized services for orthopedic insoles.

The regular orthopedic insole belongs to the national first -class medical equipment. It needs to be recorded in the relevant departments. Merchants and hospitals without national certification are not qualified to produce and sell. And it cannot be purchased at will, and it is necessary to be diagnosed and measured by professional doctors and institutions before it can be customized.

The orthopedic insole is proposed by Dr. Merton, the originator of the foot biomechanics. According to the characteristics of an ankle anatomy, a correction auxiliary appliance with the purpose of restoring the normal biomechanics of the human body.

In daily life, feet always bear the weight of our body silently, which is equivalent to the foundation of the entire body. The weight and walking of the human body rely on the normal biological lines of the foot. Arching is an important support structure of the feet. It raised up with a certain arc, like an arch bridge. Such a structure has the effect of buffering and supporting the body, and can also protect the nerve blood vessels on the soles of the foot.

But if there is no arch of the arch, or the feet turn “short” or too “high”, that is, we say “flat feet” and “high bow foot” every day.

That is to say, the arch of the arch is incorrect, which means that the feet are uneven for a long time, so long -term standing or walking may cause pain in the inside and outside of the foot, and it will also cause deformed such as exterior exterior and toes. It is easy to damage during exercise. Essence It will also cause the entire body to be distorted in order to balance. In severe cases, pelvic skew, spinal side curvature, knee pain, X -leg legs and other problems will occur.

The correction insole is the effect of correcting the bad posture by adjusting the strength of the foot. According to each person’s different stress features, different materials and thickness are selected in different locations to make custom orthopedic foot pads.

Through professional measurement, it is in line with personal bones, joints, and soft tissue structures. The correct support and buffering of the feet can be given to the feet, re -distributed the pressure of the soles, stabilize the joints, and can correct the role of the feet and lower limbs such as long and short legs.



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