Common feet problems and influence of children

Foot health plays a vital role in the growth of children. According to data, due to the incorrect stress of the foot during development, the abnormal rate of the foot type of children and adolescents in my country reached 70%. Legs, spine bending, humpback, and neck. Such problems can lead to a decline in exercise function and unsightly posture. In the future, the incidence of spine pain and knee pain is far beyond ordinary people, and even surgery is needed.

Flat feet: cause the feet to be prone to fatigue and pain.

  1. Spinal bending: Young spine bending (AIS) is the front line of the spine shift midline, which makes the spine protruding “C” or “S” as the main manifestation. The three -dimensional malformations of the spine include the serial abnormality of the coronary position, the sagittal position, and the axis position. Severely affects cardiopulmonary function, pelvic forward leaning (women affect fertility), disrupt spine balance, and bone joint wear pain.
  2. Following the bone: Ugly gait, susceptible to fatigue and pain in the feet, long -term proliferation can cause fascia, bone spurs, knee joint pain and back pain.
  3. Following the bone: The inside of the bone is contrary to the direction of the outer bone, which can easily lead to sprains. Standing for a long time or walking for a long time, it is easy to calm the muscles of the calf.
  4. X -type legs: cause the posture is not beautiful and easy to trip. In severe cases, the negative line changes and bone joint disease.

Kind tips:

Pay attention as soon as possible and take care of them in time. Children and adolescents have a vital impact on children. If you find the problem of the spine, you should find relevant experts for evaluation and testing as soon as possible, and cooperate with the custom insole for auxiliary rehabilitation.


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