Talking about correct shoes, it is the general impression, thick and heavy and hard, looks uncomfortable. In fact, if is a correction according to the situation of the child’s foot configuration insoles, fit the child’s foot characteristics, can be balanced with comfort.

if you want to correct shoes is comfortable, the first thing to take children to professional institutions for inspection of foot. Foot orthopaedic instrument and artificial tests, three-dimensional understanding children sufficient degree, coupled with large data professional foot solution is given. It is understood that the center of the correct shoes and custom insoles corrective shoe insoles and correction can make it more comfortable at the same time, also can effectively improve children foot problems.

correct shoes and custom insoles center relevant controller introduces, correct shoes has three big functional features, including special design heel cup, by extending the heel cup, hardened, heightening, control after sufficient evaginate degree, parcel scaphoid near joints, enhance the stability of transverse joint, reduce scaphoid bulge; Dual density soles, hard outside soft inside, the inside sole support with high density, increase the inside of the sole support in the middle of the gait support, reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and chance; Different amplitude of heel lock corrective insoles, according to the different forms of foot closest to the required support and corrective force, has followed by slope, arch supporting material, followed by a socket spanner design VWXYZ5 corrective custom orthopedic insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs. Through a series of design, different foot with correction of teenagers joint requirements, in both functional and at the same time, try to be comfortable.

to pursue more comfortable feeling, to launch a more correct shoes, also have functional slippers for severe flat feet, serious after sufficient evaginate of home use, its power of orthodontic force line is higher than the average household slippers, giving the foot support and orthodontic force.

in fact, because there are large difference between children’s shoes and correction, when therefore began to wear shoes with correct, children are not necessarily will adapt. In the adjustment period, do not need to insist children wear corrective shoes for a long time, the first day to wear to wear for two hours, and gradually increase in time, maybe a week or two time children can completely adapt to the correct shoes. In the process of children adapt to, want to encourage kids to wear more, with exercise and massage at the same time, can effectively improve children suffer from.

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