with the popularity of correction of shoes, a lot of people know, if the child is flat feet or foot evaginate, can be through the correct shoes to correct. But in fact many people don’t know, why before correction, is a professional agencies need to measure the custom again? Today, we would like to spread the correct custom orthopedic insoles custom problem.

if children sufficient ministry found that careful observation in the process of growing children, especially infants and young children period, children foot present obtriangular, the arch in the middle of the place will be covered with a thick layer of fat. Along with the age growth, arch fat layer will be absorbed, about 4 years old, arch. Some children in the arch in the process of forming, because of all sorts of bad habits or congenital problems, lead to foot problems. Because of the arch, the structure of the heel and forefoot areas, the child’s foot problems vary from person to person. Some children can have high arches, some is serious flat feet, others are mixed with different problems, such as flat feet inclusions after sufficient evaginate. Even a single flat feet and flat degree of difference. It’s like myopia, the degree of myopia and astigmatism, mean the glasses are need to customize. Similarly, foot various parameters is not the same, correct shoes also need to customize.

correct shoes custom principle is depending on the foot of the different scientific principles. Before the custom correct shoes, need to bring the child to professional bodies to measure the foot, get a clear and accurate foot images. Correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center is more professional and authoritative institution. Average consumer, standing on the large equipment, should be first based on three-dimensional measurement and gait tracking, give accurate measurements. Then, through a variety of artificial observation and correction, more effective corrective shoes fine-tuning, give children the most comfortable wearing experience.

there are several general corrective shoes, to correct and custom insoles, shoes with big data availability, five different heel lock corrective custom orthopedic insoles, according to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, followed by a downward slope, arch design different range retainer, followed by a socket spanner, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limb, ease children Louis tired. Correct shoe wear, need to have a scientific method to guide. Generally correct shoes began to wear, is to have a transition period, means that you can transition from wearing short time to wear long, finally realizes the long time wearing, truly achieve foot correction.

knowledge correct shoes above, have you learned?

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