there is a kind of wisdom that correct shoes to wear in the evening. This statement is correct? Correct shoes and corrective insoles is customized products, so can according to different type with different shoes. Children with severe flat feet or after sufficient evaginate, when in began to wear corrective shoes are not used to, wear corrective shoes when walking is not convenient during the day, or walking effect, can wear in the evening, evening wear can have same orthopaedic fixed effect. But to really effective, must begin from customized a pair of correct shoes.

corrective insoles to custom, also want to scientific understanding correct shoes

correction because there is a difference between shoes and children shoes, specifically targeted at the foot of children set up correct shoes or corrective insoles and children what’s the difference? There was a group from fudan university from October 2017 – sports medicine center In May 2018, the data show that about 25% of children arch on the low side, Also can say flat feet) 。 A good pair of children shoes usually has arches bear cushion, hardened heel cup, mainly to prevent growth in the process of the abnormal phenomenon such as flat feet or after sufficient evaginate. The effect of correction of shoes are different. After flat feet and sufficient evaginate, or the hallux valgus and other phenomena occur, and worse under the condition of use.

to correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center of correction, for example, these products of professional institutions, according to the heel Angle and arch retainer, followed by a socket spanner design different corrective insoles, integrated design has different heel lock corrective insoles, according to the degree of foot flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limb, also will continue to research and development of the new heel lock is insoles.

can be seen from the above institutions professional orthotic insole manufacturers, generally correct shoes can according to different developing degree, comprehensive assessment.

corrective shoes to wear in the morning or evening wear, depending on different everyone

because different from general children’s shoes, correct shoes generally harder, and because of the orthopedic orthotic insole manufacturers, for a child just wearing any discomfort. Some children with wearing time is long will get used to, but some children born will be sensitive, wearing a walk during the day, will find that affect the normal walking, according to these children, when can you go to sleep at night to wear, evening wear can still improve foot deformity.

from ordinary children’s shoes in the process of the transition to correct shoes, be sure to follow the principle of step by step. That is, at the beginning when wearing, general will let children first brief in an hour or two during the day, then gradually extended in time. Among the children get used to, correct shoes also in slowly effect into full play.

in addition, the positive movement is also essential, sports can promote muscle to restore elasticity, can shorten the whole process of correction. Some jumping movement, a straight line, and rope skipping activities such as playing basketball is a good choice.

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