corrective orthotic insole manufacturers on the market there are many different types of products, how to identify whether the correct shoes for children? Some parents because of the lack of knowledge of correct shoes, so will buy, you think the price is proportional to the effect is. Correct shoes is not, in fact, the more expensive the better the results, when customizing corrective insoles, must according to the child’s foot and customize detailed evaluation. Before correction in custom shoes, first of all, suggest take children to correct shoes and custom insoles center to check the foot.

to test in the home, does the baby need correct shoes

because 4 – Children under the age of 13, foot in the process of dynamic development, so often happens after severe flat feet and sufficient evaginate phenomenon. These phenomena with age increase gradually improve, this part of the problem is don’t worry, just continue to observe, that is why we see a lot of infants and young children when toddlers will appear the phenomenon of inside outside of eight and eight, as the growing while walking back to normal. Will be about 4 years old children arch will appear, if there is no development is good, worry about children arch was able to measure, judge whether the children need to use the correct shoes.

the method is very simple, you take a blank sheet of paper, baby’s feet in the water first, and then put your feet in the newspaper or printed on white paper prints, observe the footprints shape, can preliminary understanding the baby foot condition. Key part if the baby’s foot, almost flush and feet width, serious is roughly flat feet. Serious flat feet, but in fact there will be sufficient evaginate, hallux valgus wait for a phenomenon, to accurately know the child’s foot, parents can bring children into the center of correct shoes and custom insoles, through precision instrument measurement, children can know the foot, this is the first step on the insoles custom correction to the child.

find joint child foot problems corrective insoles

correct shoes and custom insoles center foot often argued, to correct children wearing comfortable shoes, the first thing to take children to professional institutions for inspection of foot. With the instrument with artificial detection, solid understanding of children enough degree, coupled with large data professional foot solution is given. According to understand, correct shoes and custom insoles center has foot measure instrument, based on large data of 20 years, to give children foot problems accurate outline. In addition, the correct shoes and corrective insoles can make it more comfortable at the same time, also can effectively improve children foot problems.

it is known that correct shoe insoles and correction principle is to adjust the child foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of joint strain occurs. According to different forms of foot closest to the required support and corrective force, has followed by slope, arch supporting material, followed by a socket spanner design VWXYZ5 corrective insoles, can joint teens with correct demand, on the functional and comfort both perform well.

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