Cramps just because lack calcium?

believe that everyone in life more or less experienced cramps: improper whether a turn in the middle of the night, suddenly a leg cramps; Or athletic warm-up before ill-prepared, lead to lower limb weakness; Still embrace of professional players on the pitch calf flung to the ground;

cramps while is not a serious illness, but the duration can often from tens of seconds to minutes, pain and not low frequency, burst into tears.

many people have heard of the ‘night cramps because lack calcium. ‘ so, what is the cause cramping? And calcium really about?

cramps, is the likely cause of the large shrinkage, rigidity of muscles suddenly, often occur in the legs, toes, palms and fingers. Which occurred more frequently in calf cramps and embodied in soleus muscle contractions.

cramps are the reasons? Fatigue

data shows that if the day have had a lot of intense exercise, such as long-distance, big intensity of mountain climbing, running, hiking, etc. , it would be easier to cramps at night. Cold

muscle by cold stimulation, also easy to go into spasm. Therefore, if because didn’t cover with quilt while sleeping at night and catch a cold, or swimming in the pool water temperature low stimulation to muscle, normal is prone to cramping.

water, calcium deficiency

a lot of sweat and body fluids supplement insufficiency, causes of water and potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, such as the loss of electrolyte ions, to some extent improve the probability of a cramp.

in addition it is important to note that in the process of muscle contraction and expansion, calcium also play an important role in regulating. If the calcium ion concentration in the blood is too low, muscles do show the tic because of excessive excitement, is often said that the cramping.

causes cramping of the other reasons include nerve or muscle disease, such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, deputy low thyroid function, thyroid function is low, arthritis, lumbar disease, electrolyte abnormalities. Or drug side effects, such as blood pressure medications, diuretics, calcium channel blockers, such as insulin, has certain influence to cramp.

after the cramp do then?

in legs and toes cramps, for example, cramps, rapidly adequately dorsiflexion stretching, can effectively alleviate symptoms of cramps.

in addition, with hot towel, gently rub the muscle can also help solve the pain.

how to prevent cramps?

if you want to prevent cramps, should set out from the cause, to prevent them one by one.

1 more supplement moisture and electrolyte

in a timely manner after the motion of water and electrolyte, can help prevent cramps. In addition, to cut down on the amount of coffee and soft drinks, also helps to maintain fluid filling, reduced risk of a cramp.

2 bed muscle relaxation

if the big strength of vigorous exercise during the day, before going to bed can be appropriate for ten minutes or so muscle tension or aerobic exercise, help relax your muscles, such as press, kneading, tapping muscle.

3 pay attention to keep warm warm

note tucked sleeping, swimming and so on sufficient warm up before exercise, prevent muscle cramps because suddenly cools down.

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