Custom orthotics can help with these chronic foot pain issues.

Anyone who suffers from foot problems understands how important our feet are in our daily lives. When our feet are in continual agony, even simple tasks like walking from one location to another become tough.


Fortunately, by taking early measures and exerting effort, we may ensure that chronic foot pain is addressed at its root before it becomes an irreversible problem.


Choosing Orthotics Made to Measure

Custom orthotics are frequently prescribed by doctors and podiatrists to assist treat foot problems before they become problematic. These custom-made devices fit into any pair of shoes and provide comfortable cushioning for the feet, decreasing pressure and addressing foot abnormalities as well as gait and pronation difficulties.


Custom orthotics are preferred over over-the-counter shoe inserts by most practitioners because they may be manufactured to your exact specifications and address many concerns at once.


Over-the-counter shoe insoles can make a pair of shoes more comfortable for a short period, but they can’t improve your stride or pronation, which are both key contributors to persistent foot pain.


Today, we’ll look at a few of these issues and explain how custom orthotics might help.


Your Chronic Foot Pain Could Be Caused by One of These Conditions

Plantar fasciitis is a type of plantar fasciitis that affect

Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that occurs when the tissue that runs from your heel to the bottom of your foot becomes irritated.


It’s frequent among runners and other sports, and it’s often caused by overuse. Plantar fasciitis is more common in people who have flat feet. Orthotics that support the arch of the foot can be used to treat it. Orthotics can help the heel stay in place, which helps with shock absorption and decreases Plantar fasciitis tissue irritation.


Spurs on the heels

Bony growths along the heel bone generate heel spurs, which are a painful ailment. It can be exceedingly painful and difficult to walk when the growth exerts strain on the surrounding tissue and tendons.


Podiatrists and doctors frequently recommend orthotics with lots of cushioning and shock absorption in the heel cup to reduce strain on the spur.



Is there anything that irritates you more than bunions? Toes squeezed together in ill-fitting shoes or high heels cause this annoying ailment, which manifests as a painful lump on the lower joint of the big toe.


Bunions can also develop when pressure is applied to the big toe due to an abnormal stride or biomechanical anomalies. People with bunions can benefit from custom orthotics that help them place their feet correctly. It also relieves pressure on the joint, allowing a bunion to heal naturally.



A neuroma, also known as Morton’s neuroma, is an irritated nerve that causes sufferers to feel as if they have a painful pebble under their ball of foot. It’s caused by too much pressure on the toes and heels, which might be caused by overuse, tight shoes, or foot deformities. Orthotics for neuromas can assist shift pressure while also reducing inflammation.



When any tendon in the foot becomes irritated or inflamed, tendonitis develops. Tendonitis most commonly affects the Achilles tendon, which is caused by a combination of overuse and poor, unsupportive footwear.


Tendonitis can start as a minor discomfort or progress to an acute, intense pain that goes from the calf to the heel bone. Orthotics for tendonitis serve to stabilize the foot and ankle while also absorbing shock.



Bursitis, which occurs when the fluid-filled sacs that cushion our bones become irritated and inflamed, is another common repeated strain injury. Bursae are sacs that can be found in our hips, knees, and just beneath the Achilles tendon in our heels.


If you have biomechanical or gait problems, your doctor or podiatrist may recommend custom orthotics to assist maintain your foot properly pronated, decreasing strain and pressure on the sensitive bursae.



It’s not easy to live with arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most frequent kinds, both of which induce joint inflammation and eventual deterioration.


Arthritis in the legs, ankles, and feet can limit motion and cause pain. Supportive, reinforced orthotics, which help keep the foot in a stable position, are beneficial to many persons with arthritis. The orthotics also provide shock absorption, which helps to alleviate discomfort in sensitive feet caused by arthritis.


Toes with Hammers

Hammer toe is a condition in which the joints of a toe bend abnormally due to pressure on the surrounding tendons and joints. If left untreated, the toe will get bent to the point that it can no longer be unclenched, resulting in pain, redness, and edema.


For hammer toe, firm arch support insoles and orthotics are beneficial because they can assist return the foot to its proper alignment, relieving strain on the tendons and joints in your toes.


Arches with High Arches

Because people with high arches have more stiff and less flexible feet than the ordinary person, they supinate while walking to compensate.


This puts a lot of strain on parts of the foot that aren’t built to handle so much weight, resulting in plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and hammer toes.


Because over-the-counter orthotics aren’t built for the shape of their feet, persons with high arches often need custom orthotics. Supination can be controlled and pressure off susceptible parts of the foot with a good pair of high-arched bespoke orthotics.


Diabetic Neuropathy is a type of neuropathy caused by diabetes.

Diabetic neuropathy is a disorder in which high blood glucose levels in diabetics cause nerve damage throughout the body. It’s common for the nerves in the legs and feet to be injured first, before the rest of the body is affected.


Custom orthotics and neuropathy shoes support the body’s weight, stabilizing parts that have become unstable or weak as a result of nerve damage. They can also be made with hypoallergenic top covers to help sensitive feet avoid abrasion and friction.


IDEASTEP Orthotics can help you protect your feet with custom orthotics.

Have any of the aforementioned conditions had an influence on your feet or lowered your quality of life? As you attempt to mend your foot difficulties, taking proactive efforts to protect your feet and reduce gait and pronation will help you avoid pain and maintain mobility.


Investing in a pair of custom orthotics from IDEASTEP Orthotics is a terrific way to guarantee you’re taking care of your feet in the long run.


Our orthotics are custom-made for you, with materials that provide support and strength while being mild and comfortable on your feet.


Do you want your bespoke orthotics delivered to your home? You figured it out! You can measure your foot and order orthotics immediately from your computer or mobile device using our digital cast or foam cast systems.


Custom orthotics and IDEASTEP Orthotics can help you treat chronic foot discomfort right now.

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