Diabetes patients, do the ‘foot’

high blood sugar, hurt feet

with the diabetes patient’s team growing, the harm of diabetes also gradually attention by more and more people.

it is well known that chronic blood sugar levels rise, is one of the biggest performance of diabetes, blood glucose for a long time can hurt the body, including the cause sugar, protein and fat metabolism disorders, with eyes, heart, kidney, brain, skin and other tissues of serious complications. Diabetic foot is one of a variety of complications.

long-term elevated blood sugar levels, easy cause lower limbs distal ( Such as toe) Abnormal nerve and vascular lesions, which in turn lead to foot ulcer, the infection and ( Or) Deep tissue destruction – — Light person appear foot skin is dry, cold, the foot feels numb, followed by foot ulcer and gangrene. This is diabetic foot, but also lead to amputation in diabetic patients, the main reason for the disabled.

do enough to prevent, away from the foot disease

persistence in the treatment of diabetes, this is dependent on the patient’s own cooperate again. Care for a dessert, at ordinary times can stay away from the diabetic foot.

control blood sugar

by drug control and diet adjustment, fundamentally reduces the risk of diabetic foot. High blood sugar can cause atherosclerosis and other large blood vessels and capillaries pathological changes, thus affecting the lower extremities of normal blood circulation, and lead to lower limb peripheral neuropathy.

the patient usually feet at the same time, the illness progress slowly, concealing, began to not easy to be found. Tend to appear first distal limb paresthesia, such as the toes numb; Later there will be movement of neuropathy, foot muscle weakness and even atrophy, foot deformity, such as claw finger.


the appropriate physical exercise can improve the blood circulation of the lower limbs, but diabetes patients should be based on age, physical strength, illness, and presence of complications, and so on and so forth, and flexible amount of exercise, and step by step. Patients with vascular lesions, under the guidance of the best professionals in exercise, to ensure safety.

select the appropriate shoes, wear cotton socks

diabetes patients should choose soft, loose, permeability is good shoes, shoes vamp is best can provide flexibility, shoes inside task should not have sharp objects or hard objects, interface level off, the insole fabric soft, and adapt to foot type design, can buffer the pressure on foot, so to prevent skin damage and reduce the stimulation to the skin ( Figure 3) 。

cotton socks, permeability is good, also can reduce the foreign matter to the foot of the friction.

every day to check the foot is

in order to discover the foot abnormalities, treatment as soon as possible, avoid foot situation deteriorated to the point where need to stop it.

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