UGGs provide warmth and comfort, but are you concerned that they won’t provide enough support for your feet? Since the early 2000s, when UGG became popular in North America, it’s been a prevalent concern for many UGG fans.


UGG boots were previously a non-branded type popular among Australian surfers in the 1960s and 1970s. The inside of the UGG boot is comprised of warm and soft shearling fleece, and it sits right against the wearer’s foot. The boot is extremely warm and comfy, yet it allows air to circulate, guaranteeing that the feet do not overheat or sweat excessively. This concept was turned into a product that could be sold all over the world by the UGG brand.


Today, we’ll look at how UGG boots are made to support your foot’s comfort and warmth, as well as what you can do to avoid some of the problems that can come from wearing them, such as a lack of arch support.


Is there any arch support in UGGs?

Although UGG boots have been a classic for decades, the reality is that, while they are comfy, they may not be the most stable on the inside, depending on the type. As a result, there is no arch support for them.


Traditional shearling UGG boots are likely to be uncomfortable for people with flat feet. People with flat feet who wear them for a long time are more likely to overpronate, putting their feet and ankles in uncomfortable positions that can lead to tendon dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.


If your arches are normal, you may not feel any discomfort at first. However, when you wear your UGGs more, you run the danger of arch discomfort and misalignment, which can lead to future problems.


Because the soft interior of the UGGs provides no support, those with high arches may feel their feet exhausted after a day in them. It’s easy for your arches to become tight and stiff without the proper support, causing arch pain and worsening problems in other parts of your feet.


The Best UGG Inserts for a More Convenient Experience

Purchasing supportive inserts to wear with your UGGs is a great way to combine the warmth and comfort of this fantastic shoe with the added support of an orthotic device.


The best UGG inserts are made to order with tailored arch support, so they fit snuggly beneath your natural arch. Everyone, regardless of whether they have flat feet, normal arches, or high arches, should have personalized foot support in their shoes.


Because the soft exterior of most UGG boots provides no motion or gait control, the finest inserts for UGGs should also stabilize the heel. An insert with a deep heel cup can help guide the foot into normal pronation, reducing over- and under-pronation concerns.


Custom Inserts are available at IDEASTEP Orthotics.

IDEASTEP Orthotics specializes in the type of custom orthotics that are ideal for wearing with UGG boots. Furthermore, we provide package discounts on orthotics and shoes, allowing each customer to send in a thorough imprint and have supportive orthotics manufactured to fit every contour of their foot.


We meticulously install your custom orthotics into your newly purchased UGGs before they leave our factory, and we double-check the fit before shipping them to your home.



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