Do you need an insole to wear shoes? Is it good or not?

Do you  need an insole to wear shoes? Is it good or not?

Do you need to have insoles when you wear shoes? Is it good or not? Why?
Please explain different types of shoes: Do leather shoes need to be cushioned, sports shoes need to be cushioned, and canvas shoes need to be cushioned?
When is it better to have an insole? New shoes will be matted as soon as they are bought, or will they be matted after wearing them for a period of time?

Of course. Insoles and feet are like the relationship between our mouth and tongue
1. Prevent the soles of your feet from sliding inside the shoes Increase all kinds of trauma. The three-dimensional insole can fill the space between the sole of the foot and the footbed, and reduce the sliding of the sole of the foot in the shoe.
2. Improve the support and improve the stability of the step. The insole with the heel support cup can reduce the swing when the heel touches the ground during walking, thereby reducing fatigue and reducing the chance of trauma.
3. There are two types of shock-absorbing insoles. One is to use a hard cup-shaped heel support, because the hypertrophy of the human heel is a natural shock-absorbing function. As long as it is matched with a hard rubber support with a suitable curvature, it can exert a good shock-absorbing function. Suitable for some stable and long-lasting activities, such as fencing, stroking, hiking, etc. The other is to assist other soft materials, such as Gel, air cushions to absorb the impact of heels on the ground, suitable for running, basketball and other high running and jumping actions.
4. Correcting walking and standing postures sounds amazing, but this is exactly the function that orthopedic insoles can perform. Many people are born and other factors, the spine and leg bones are not 100% perpendicular when standing, or in Swing left and right when walking, causing various bone and joint traumas for a long time. With the help of orthopedic insoles, the posture of walking and standing can be corrected, thereby reducing trauma.
5. The insole can also absorb sweat and wick away sweat, because the foot will discharge sweat and heat when walking around, so that the loose tissue of the insole will be absorbed and excluded from the shoes to keep the shoes clean. The insole can also have a deodorizing effect.

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