if you want to ask do correct shoes market which is doing better institutions, will be recommended corrective shoes and custom insoles center. The agency was founded in 2012, has been almost eight years. Through 8 years mature operation, in view of the foot has formed a professional enough data to support. Because the child has foot problems, used to take children to customize corrective insoles, share my feelings.

just went in, feel it professional, indoor have special measurement area, it is can help to accurately measure the foot baby machines, they will be according to the shape of the foot of the three dimensional measuring children, for the foot model, and combined with many years to build a large database, data type for the child’s foot are the best reference.

after inquired about the children some of the correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center division correction will give to the corresponding advice, according to the data and model correction custom insoles for children. At present, the correct shoes and custom insoles center have VWXYZ five kinds of custom orthopedic insoles, can choose according to the specific foot children help, also will continue to research and development of the new heel lock is insoles.

in order to let each pair of correct shoes real corrective effect, staff will let the child to try it on, according to the scene they wear feedback, fine-tuning insoles for different parameters.

here science, corrective insoles is how to realize the full of correction. Look from the appearance and design, in view of the serious foot with people such as flat feet, there are several important support Settings: by controlling after sufficient evaginate degree, reduce the chances of scaphoid bulge, followed by a cup; According to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, gives the most close to the required volume followed by locking corrective insoles and orthodontic force; And reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and the chances of dual density soles.

through the above design, correct shoes can rise the righting the heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line. These effects as in skew or deformation of the foot installed a support frame, the whole foot righting to this box, makes the foot back to normal. It is worth mentioning that they have to rectify the slipper type shoes, implement a correction can be comfortable at home.

at the same time, the correct shoes and custom foot insoles center division correction will also be told, in addition to wear shoes with correct, there are full of children must do more exercise, and do some more massage, follow the principle of gradual and can obtain good effect. So, go to an institution is a professional custom corrective custom orthopedic insoles, can be from the scene of the environment and equipment, personnel quality feeling.

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