People who are troubled by foot odors are totally afraid to leave their shoes a little when they are out because they are afraid of the odor wafting out, which is impolite and unhygienic. Tsai Chengfang, a physician in charge of the skin department at National Taiwan University Hospital, said that the factors of foot odor are nothing more than “sealing, sweating, bacteria, and temperature.” As long as one of these factors is changed, foot odor can be improved.

Foot odor is mostly caused by sweaty feet, prolonged confinement in shoes and socks, or bacterial infections such as Hong Kong feet and onychomycosis. In the case of poor ventilation, the feet become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will decompose the stratum corneum of the skin and release peculiar smells! The most effective solution is to directly change the ecology of bacteria. The use of foot powder with bactericidal ingredients or a deodorant that uses live bacteria to sterilize bacteria will also be effective.

4 principles to remove foot odor

1. Wash your feet
Feet wrapped in layers of shoes and socks all day, and sweat, are prone to breeding bacteria. Quan Mingduo, a dermatologist at the Cathay Pacific Hospital, suggested that the first thing you should do when you go home is to wash your feet. Wash your feet thoroughly when you wash your feet, and dry them completely after washing, because moisture can also cause Hong Kong feet.

2. Change shoes
Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day. The same pair of shoes may cause foot or foot odor because the sweat of the previous day has not yet dried.

How to Cure Foot Odor

3. Breathable
Allowing your feet to breathe is a good way to prevent foot odor. If allowed by the company, you can put a pair of slippers in the office. If you can’t, take off your shoes while going to the toilet to let your feet breathe.

4. Pure cotton socks
In principle, choose pure cotton socks. But if work is not permitted, you can bring an extra pair of stockings to change during the noon break.

Shoes may also cause odor

Shoes and insoles must fit well to avoid irritation and excessive sweating of the feet. Huang Ciyuan, deputy head of the shoe auxiliary group of the Footwear and Technology Research Center, also provided several tips for bidding farewell to stinky shoes:

#Sports shoes should choose breathable lattice mesh upper.

#Leather shoes should choose real leather because synthetic leather is less breathable and will stuff your feet.

#Many air-cushion shoes are advertised as being able to absorb sweat and deodorize but pay attention to whether they have air holes for diversion inlets to allow convection of air inside and outside the shoes because some air-cushion shoes only thicken the insole and can only absorb shock and have no sweat absorption effect.

#Deodorant insoles mostly use activated carbon to absorb odors. Sprinkle heat rash powder and talcum powder in your shoes to absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. Or, spray a deodorant spray that contains antiseptic ingredients. “If you find the above methods troublesome, you often take your shoes out to bask in the sun,” he said.


Which foods can deodorize the body?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, whether it is foot odor, body odor, or sweat odor, it is caused by moisture that cannot be metabolized smoothly and accumulates in the body. “It’s like a water drain is blocked, and it will stink over time.” Teacher Liao Lilan explained. The three smells most often combine in the following two situations:、

1. Deficiency of the spleen and stomach:
Symptoms: abdominal distension, loss of appetite, wet and sticky stools, loose stools, always feeling dirty, dizziness, heatstroke, pale complexion.

Treatment: Mainly regulate gastrointestinal function, use Sishen Decoction and Liujunzi Decoction.

External use: You can apply ginger slices directly under the armpits to remove body odor. Use the herbal water boiled with cinnamon sticks and cinnamon to wipe or soak in the bath.

Diet: Reduce eating cold foods, such as watermelon, ice, kiwi, cantaloupe, lettuce salad, and dragon fruit. It is recommended to eat more warm foods such as yam and lotus seeds.

How to Cure Foot Odor

2. The body is warm and heavy:
Symptoms: Dry mouth, heavy sweating, yellow sweating, redness, itching or rash on the skin of the sweaty area, easy to get upset.

Treatment: Mainly to clear heat and remove dampness, use coix seed, winter melon soup, Plantago seed.

External use: Soak your feet in tea water to remove foot odor, because tea is cool and can constrain sweat.

Diet: Eat less fried, roasted, and fried foods, and try to avoid spicy foods such as meat, chacha, and chili.

It is recommended to eat more water-rich foods, such as water spinach, amaranth, wax gourd, rape, celery, mung beans, and floating wheat.

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