For Daily Insoles, Which Material is Suitable?

People wear shoes for 2/3 of their lives. The importance of shoes is beyond people’s imagination. Shoes have a great relationship with people’s health. For example, they can cause foot odor, Hong Kong feet, and foot pain. To solve these problems, it is not enough to focus on the change of shoes. The role of insoles is also important. Whether the environment in the shoes is comfortable or not is the key.

The bottom of human feet is one of the most densely distributed parts of sweat glands, especially for those who are called sweaty feet, their feet have a strong sweat gland secretion function, and the shoes that they wear are poorly breathable, which will make their feet often in a wet state. Among them, it makes people feel very uncomfortable. When the soles of the feet are immersed in sweat for a long time, they will become a breeding ground for microorganisms and emit a foul smell, which brings many inconveniences and troubles to life and social life. The moist environment of the foot provides conditions for the growth of fungi. Once the foot has a wound, it is very easy to cause inflammation, ulceration (beriberi), and other foot diseases. In severe cases, it will affect the normal work and life of the patient. People try to use drugs to block the discharge of sweat, but this method of destroying the ecological balance of the human body is not desirable. The disadvantage is that the drugs change the normal metabolic function of the skin and interfere with the secretion of sweat glands. Long-term use will cause bad skin influence. There are also attempts to change the structure of shoes or insoles, such as adding air ducts or ditches to divert sweat away from the soles of the feet. It is difficult to implement these physical methods in such a small enclosed space of the shoe cavity. The use of spices to cover up foot odor is only effective for the sense of smell for a short time. The effectiveness of the medicine and the brushing of the insoles will affect its medicinal power. Using physical adsorption to instantly remove sweat and odor from the feet is the best solution to the problem.

Insoles are a really common item in people’s lifestyles. The variety of insoles brings trouble to people’s choices. Most people don’t know the material of insoles, so today I will teach you to know the material of insoles and help you choose the right insole.

Now the most common in the market is Eva insoles (some cheap 10 yuan can buy several pairs) because the production is simple and the tricks are changeable. It has good flexibility, relatively general elasticity, and chemical resistance. But its biggest disadvantage is that the fabric isn’t breathable, which may easily cause foot odor. Therefore, in summer, the insoles we elect should have good sweat absorption. Deodorizing materials, bamboo fiber, and carbon fiber insoles meet the wants. It is also a far better choice in terms of cost performance for office crowds who don’t exercise regularly.

Now let’s talk about the insole made of PU.

PU insoles memory foam

In terms of materials, there is no need to add plasticizers to increase softness, and they will not become hard or brittle. At the same time, it has the advantages of brilliant colors and a variety of patterns. Secondly, it is more user-friendly in design. Part of it will be supported by a rubber material. This design will give our heels honest support, share the support of the ankle, reduce fatigue and increase comfort. It is an honest choice for friends who got to represent an extended time. But the air permeability is average, not suitable for friends with bad feet.

Orthlite is referred to as the foremost suitable material for insoles. Pure Orthlite material insoles are very cost-effective. Orthlite foam has the characteristics of breathability, sweat absorption, deodorization, mildew resistance, antibacterial, and good cushioning and shock absorption. The advantage of being softer. Orthlite foam also can prevent slippage, so that the insole won’t move easily, but are going to be fixed in its original position, on the brink of rock bottom of the shoe, without fear about the embarrassment of the insole slipping out. Thereby it can protect the joints of the feet, knees, and waist, and is particularly suitable for long-term application.

622# insole Ideastep

Cork may be a new sort of material for insoles in recent years. It is a natural renewable material. It is very light, has good compression resistance and vibration resistance. It also features an excellent sweat absorption function. It is a bit like an environmental regulator in a shoe. It absorbs After the moisture is removed, it becomes more resilient, with better shock resistance and resilience. This material itself is extremely suitable for insoles, but its production process is extremely difficult. Some foreign brands have slowly applied cork to the insoles of shoes, but the price is high, such as Nike’s Astronaut, Pillar wine theme Sneakers, and so on. With the expansion of the cork insole market, the current price of cork insoles is considered reasonable, and most people can consume them.

cork orthotics insole

Carbon fiber insoles (ACF insoles) have also appeared on the market recently. These insoles are made of activated carbon fiber as the inner core is supplemented with a variety of plant extracts and fungicides and is lined with a cotton cloth. They are soft and comfortable to wear. It has good health functions of sweat absorption, sterilization, and deodorization. Wearing for a long time can effectively prevent athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, and other diseases. It is dry in summer and does not smell, and it keeps warm in winter, not wet and tasteless. The effect of the insole can be known at a try. Finally, if you often change insoles, you can choose Eva or PU insoles. If you are looking for quality and comfort, choose Orthlite or cork insoles.

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