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Adjustable Heel Lift from IDEASTEP is made with three layers of 1/8″ rubber, which are firm extra density nylon-neoprene mesh. The layers are held together with an industrial grade double sided adhesive similar to double-sided carpet tape. They can be easily peeled apart when you want to adjust the height of the lift.

McKesson Adjustable Heel Lift Features:

  • Three layer construction – each 1/8″ thick
  • Layers are easily removable
  • Unsurpassed patient comfort
  • Excellent durability
  • Non slip construction
  • Applicability to several clinical conditions
  • Sold individually, not in pairs

McKesson Adjustable Heel Lift Sizing:

  • Based on shoe size
  • Small: Men’s 4-6; Women’s 5-6
  • Medium: Men’s 6-9; Women’s 7-11
  • Large: Men’s 10-13

Customer Reviews

1. Verified Customer on 6/2/2021, said:
I think they are helping – it’s for my husband who has one leg shorter than the other. You only had large in stock and he had to cut them to fit his shoes which was a bit difficult because of the material being so thick and hard. The delivery was very quick, but like a few other customers, I would complain about the cost of shipping three extremely light items in a huge box with plastic padding. Not necessary at all; a padded envelope would have sufficed.
2. Verified Customer on 5/28/2021, said:
Very helpful for the bursitis and Achilles strain on my right foot. I’ve tried several other orthotics and lifts, but this is excellent, and I like the adjustability for different shoes!
3. Verified Customer on 5/26/2021, said:
I have used a similar heel lift since injuring my Achilles tendon a few years ago. Finding this product on-line has been wonderful since I can stock up and they work perfectly.
4. Verified Customer on 5/11/2021, said:
5. Verified Customer on 7/26/2013, said:
I have a tendency to get symptoms related to achilles tendonitis. I wear heel lifts to prevent such symptoms. These lifts are quite comfortable and easy to use. I have had no symptoms of achilles tendonitis since I started wearing them approximately two weeks ago.
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