How often is it better to change the insole?

Insoles, for many people, are a must in life.

However, it is better to change the insole as long as it is worn. This depends on how the insole is worn.

There may be many people who wear insoles until they smell “can’t breathe” before replacing them. What’s more, they never change their insoles from the time they buy shoes to when they are worn out.

But in order to keep it clean, it is recommended that the insole should be replaced.
Socks are changed every 1-3 days (depending on the weather and walking frequency), and the insoles are changed once a week. You can buy more pairs of insoles to replace, wash the worn insoles, or expose them to the sun. This can keep them clean and odor-free!


What will grow if the insole is not replaced for a long time?
The fat components in sebum are decomposed by Staphylococcus aureus to form short-chain fatty acids; the urea in sweat is decomposed by bacteria into ammonia, forming a bad smell. A hot and humid environment can cause mold to grow and form tinea pedis, commonly known as Hong Kong foot.

Foot odor is mainly caused by fungi and bacteria, and has nothing to do with trace elements. Sweat on the feet can cause moisture in the shoes. After exercise, high temperature can easily breed fungi and bacteria. High-speed reproduction in a humid environment.

Most of the odor is caused by not changing the insole.

So spare multiple pairs of insoles to keep your feet clean and hygienic.

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