correct shoes and corrective orthotic insole manufacturers intervention after severe flat feet, sufficient evaginate etc. There is a golden period. About this time in adolescence, i. e. , 4 – Time at the age of 13. If missed this time, the effect will be discounted, if to adulthood, are likely to need surgery.

correct shoes wore gold in the 4 – During 13

correct shoes wear because the child’s foot, severe flat feet in the process of development, after sufficient evaginate, walk in the horoscope, the phenomenon such as high arches. The emergence of this phenomenon is associated with children poor posture during the teenage years.

shi-yi Chen sports medicine experts said that a lot of foot problems are roots buried in adolescent bad health habits, gradually appear symptoms until adulthood. Adolescent bad posture, position, use the habits, is the main cause of foot problems. Many youngsters have the habit of sleeping prone, easy to cause the word feet; There are many children like w-shaped sitting position, easy to cause foot and X leg into the word. In addition to strengthening the protection of children the knowledge of the foot, for a child already suffer from such problems as serious flat feet, must wear corrective to correct the shoes. 4 – Children under the age of 13, foot development still immature, finalize the design is still a period of time, therefore, is known as the golden age of is a correction with correct shoes. Parents should seize this golden age, to the correct shoes and custom center and other professional institutions, according to the feet, custom pair of corrective insoles, through scientific dressed, and cooperate with some sports massage, serious flat feet, the foot is a chance to correct.

science wear corrective shoes are as important as custom correct shoes

in the golden period shall timely intervention, in addition to customizing corrective orthotic insole manufacturers, scientific method of wear is also very important. First of all, we must understand the correct shoes structure, with the scientific method to give children wear shoes with correct correct full of confidence.

to correct shoes and custom insoles center as an example, in view of the serious flat feet design includes: through control after sufficient evaginate degree, reduce the chances of scaphoid bulge, followed by a cup; According to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, gives the most close to the required volume followed by locking corrective orthotic insole manufacturers and orthodontic force; And reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and the chances of dual density soles. Through integrated the design, correct shoe insoles and correction can help biological forces severely flatfoot children more effective straight line, reduce the rate of children walking joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications.

through scientific explanation, can give the child enough confidence to continue to wear corrective shoes for a long time. Wear corrective shoes is a gradual process, started to correct shoes are not familiar with as children can only wear a few hours, after slowly to adapt, can lengthen the period of wearing, finally do it can be used to wear. Of course there are full of children, exercise is a catalyst, through sports, can promote muscle development, help children recover faster. Movement, through the muscle tension, and promote the arch form and return to normal, the calf strengthening exercises like toes grabbing towels, rope skipping, playing basketball and so on jumping movement is a good choice.

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