In all things about cycling, choosing a pair of cycling shoes that suit you should be relatively complicated, and sometimes it will make you almost collapse. Even usually buy a pair of ordinary
In addition to your friends telling you a bunch of suggestions, online shopping guides or customer service will also tell you which ones you can buy, and even your partners or colleagues will tell you what you can’t buy. The reason is that the money for those shoes is enough for you to travel!

How to choose cycling shoes for cycling:

No matter what form of riding you prefer, when it comes to buying cycling shoes, there are always some similarities to pay attention to; but not from the perspective of “this shoe is better than another pair”, but to say that you need The shoes must be able to maximize your riding needs. Today, we will talk about how to choose cycling shoes from the perspective of road bikes and mountain bikes. When it comes to making the final decision to buy, there are still some differences between picking a mountain bike versus a road bike.

The manufacturing requirements of the locking shoes of mountain bikes are relatively simple, and they need to be convenient for action, but based on the reasons of use, there are also more targeted requirements in design. Because mountain play pays more attention to riding skills and performance properties, it has strong requirements for foot protection, especially in the design structure, which is not very demanding for road bikes.

Cycling Sporting Insole

I. Mountain bike lock shoes

1. Shoe type

When you’re shopping for shoes, look at the price tag first. Inexpensive shoes generally have relatively low-quality uppers, so they don’t feel good on the feet. If foot support is important to you, look at insoles. Cheap shoes have thick insoles.

Higher-end, even slightly better shoes will have more shape, not replaced by thicker insoles. Higher-end shoes will fit better, and will also last longer and increase comfort.

2. Foot sole material

Some mountain bike shoes are made of plastic or synthetic plastic, while others are made of carbon fiber. Because the use environment of mountain bikes is relatively harsh, the road surface is relatively uneven or there are many rocks, etc., the selection of mountain lock shoes is worth discussing.

3. Velcro and fine-tuning buckle

Ordinary Velcro shoes will have a micro-adjustment buckle at the ankle for fixing. Because this kind of lock shoe mainly fixes the shoe through the one closest to the ankle, it bears the most force. At this time, the effect of adding a fine-tuning buckle is better, because, in addition to fixing, it can effectively prevent mud and small sand particles from entering the shoe, and it is easier to untie in the event of a crash.

4. Flat pedal conversion sleeve

Many people will remove the flat pedal conversion sleeve as soon as they get a new mountain lock shoe. But keep the trouble, because they can increase the contact area. Because when riding uphill, basically the focus is on the forefoot, which is where the flat pedal conversion sleeve is located.

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5. Lock shoe material

Many high-end mountain lock shoes still use leather materials. But it is best to avoid this material when choosing shoes. Because putting it on is like wearing a glove, it feels great…but it’s better to save your budget for road shoes, after all, the road surface is better and it is not easy to damage the shoes.

II. Road bike lock shoes

1. Shoe type

This is similar to mountain lock shoes, but the road shoes will be more advanced… Some brands of road lock shoes will provide thermoplastic! Because once you get on the road and put on locked shoes, it is a ride for several hours, and the position of the feet generally does not change much.

Mountain riding is different, because you may often change back and forth between standing or floating positions due to different road conditions. Road locking shoes need to maintain a position for a long time and remain in a fixed position, so it is not comfortable for comfort. The requirements are relatively high. Because you can fine-tune its shape, it doesn’t matter if you’re not used to it when you first put on the shoe because it’s adjustable.

2. Foot sole material

Compared with mountain lock shoes, road lock shoes are more rigid due to the needs of road riding. After all, with rigid wheels and a frame, are you still wearing casual sneakers? If you want better riding performance on a road bike, then we strongly recommend that you wear at least entry-level carbon-soled road shoes. They’re not much more expensive than the plastic ones, but you’re worth the money.

3. How many magic stickers?

Compared with mountain lock shoes, road lock shoes have more Velcro. For example, triathlon shoes can easily be mistaken for road shoes, and triathlon shoes usually only have a very large Velcro. A slightly lower quality road shoe has only two Velcros, but if you ride in the rain or ride in a muddy environment, the Velcro will become less sticky. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a road lock shoe with two Velcro straps and a fine-tuning knob.

4. Breathability

The breathability of road shoes is very important so that the feet will be more comfortable when riding in hot weather. Therefore, when choosing road lock shoes, you must pay attention to whether there are ventilation nets and ventilation holes.

5. Replaceable heel

When we ride the road, we often encounter this situation – waiting for a traffic light at an intersection, when we need to put one foot down and move a little, so the heel will wear out easily if the heel is replaceable, it will be replaced. Better protection of the sole, but this is not the key to buying a pair of road shoes.

Do you know what the judges are? If you understand, you can go shopping happily now, but you must remember to try it before buying. Because putting on a pair of comfortable shoes can help you have a good riding experience!

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