People are often more particular about choosing shoes, but insoles seem to be more and more forgotten by modern people. Insoles not only help keep the feet dry and clean but also reduce the soreness of the soles of the feet caused by standing or walking for a long time and can prevent the occurrence of many foot diseases.

Nowadays, insoles on the market can be described as numerous and varied, and there may be more than 20 different versions of insoles with the same function. From the perspective of texture, there are several common ones such as chemical fiber, pure cotton, leather, bamboo, and linen. In terms of function, in addition to ordinary insoles, there are insoles with various health functions such as massage and orthopedics. How can I choose the most suitable pair of insoles?

Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated Capital Medical University, Beijing Tongren Hospital Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgery Attendant Sun Chao said that when choosing an insole, you must choose according to the characteristics of your feet and the different functions of the insole. From the material point of view, the insoles on the market generally include bamboo charcoal, cotton cloth, felt, silica gel, imitation deerskin, etc.; from the appearance point of view, there are full cushions, half cushions, and heel cushions; the function of insoles, in addition to keeping warm, It also has health care, anti-foot disease, and other functions, and the price ranges from one or two yuan to hundreds of yuan, and some special insoles are more expensive.

Sun Chao said that insoles have two types of therapeutic use and general use. Imitation deerskin, cotton, and felt insoles are mostly ordinary insoles. Generally, they are mainly used for shoes that are too large or have hard soles, feet hurt when walking, and shoes do not keep warm in winter. When choosing this kind of insole, it is necessary to grasp the three principles of ventilation, comfort, and non-slip. Felt insoles and cotton insoles are very warm and suitable for winter use. Imitation moccasin insoles are suitable for summer use.

The insoles with therapeutic use are mainly designed and manufactured for people with foot diseases or other physical diseases, such as metatarsalgia, flat feet, heel pain, diabetes, etc. Metatarsal pain is mainly manifested as pain in the forefoot. It is suitable to use a semi-pad made of silicone and place it under the forefoot. Silicone products have good elasticity, can play a supporting role, make the pressure of the foot move back, buffer the pressure of the forefoot, and relieve local pain. People with flat feet should use special flat-foot insoles under the guidance of a doctor. Heel pads are suitable for people with heel pain. The health insoles used by diabetics are made of special materials and are mainly used to prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot ulcers.


People with beriberi can choose bamboo carbon insoles, which can effectively absorb the smell. There are also antibacterial insoles with a few medicinal ingredients that can inhibit bacteria. In addition, flat shoes should be padded with a heel pad, and high-heeled shoes can be padded with a half pad to reduce the local pain of the foot, but it is best to be specially made according to the shoe type, which can be more comfortable.

Many people like leather insoles, which are comfortable and elegant and are very suitable for people who have less sweat on their feet. However, the leather of the leather insole will become stiff after aging, and the leather insole will only absorb odor, not deodorize, and the moisture absorption is not as good as the pure cotton insole. Therefore, for those who sweat more and have more serious foot odor, it is best to

Use pure cotton insoles with better moisture absorption properties. If pure cotton insoles are still ineffective, you can try activated carbon insoles or deodorized sponge insoles. It is best not to use chemical fiber insoles, which have poor hygroscopicity and are prone to static electricity, which is harmful to health. In the season with higher temperatures, friends who sweat more on their feet can choose linen insoles with good moisture absorption, and friends who sweat less can choose bamboo insoles.

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I need to remind everyone not to be too superstitious about health insoles. Take a massaging insole as an example. There are dozens of reflection areas on one foot. The main organs of the human body, such as the heart, liver, kidney, etc., have corresponding reflection areas on the foot, but the massage point on the insole is The “casting net” type lacks specificity, and its therapeutic effect can be imagined. If worn improperly, it will thicken the skin on the feet and sometimes even have side effects. Diabetic patients are prone to vascular neuropathy and cause diabetic feet. The skin of the feet is very easy to break and it is not easy to heal after damage. Therefore, patients with diabetes should avoid using massage insoles. Comfortable cotton insoles should be the best, so as not to massage the insoles. Friction can cause damage and infection to the soles of the feet.

Orthotic insoles have a certain corrective effect on flat feet and some mild deformities of the feet. It can reduce the local excessive compression of the soles of the feet caused by the deformities of the feet, and relieve the fatigue of the feet. However, orthopedic insoles must be used under the guidance of an orthopedist.
When choosing an insole, you should also pay attention to the size, otherwise, it will affect the comfort. Insoles should also be washed and replaced frequently to prevent bacteria from taking advantage of the deficiency and causing foot problems.

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