The old man wore a pair of shoes casually and fell into a terrible fall. How can children and grandchildren help them choose good shoes?

Have you ever noticed what shoes your elders wear? Young people regard shoes as props to catch up with the trend. According to Da Vinci, the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.

But many silver-haired people just want cheapness and coolness. They don’t care what they wear on their feet, and they are reluctant to wear a new pair of shoes. Walking on the street, it is not difficult to find elderly people wearing sandals and slippers walking slowly, or always wearing the same pair of cotton kung fu shoes.

Children and grandchildren play a key role in protecting the health of the elders, but do you understand the importance of a pair of good shoes for silver-haired people? How to accompany them to pick shoes?

Silver-haired people have more problems wearing shoes

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) pointed out that one of the three ethnic groups over the age of 65 has foot problems, some are congenital, and some are congenital and acquired.

A study by the Foot and Ankle Joint Center of the Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital pointed out that shoes are likely to be the main cause of falls for silver-haired people. Fractures after falls are also heard from time to time.

The sandals and slippers that many silver-haired people like to wear are easy to hurt their feet due to poor coverage. In addition, the elderly have poor circulation, and wounds are not easy to heal. Taking the most popular “Busch shoes” nowadays, the shoes are easy to separate from the feet. The elders need to spend more effort to fix the shoes when walking, and the feet will feel tired for a long time.

Another type of “kung fu shoes” that is also quite popular among the elderly is even more taboo in the eyes of doctors. Although this type of shoe is comfortable to wear, the fabric is too soft and lacks a shock absorption design. positive effect.

“Dwarf Music” is still loved by some silver-haired people, but because they are too high from the ground, they don’t react fast enough when they fall, and they can easily cause ankle sprains when they have a poor sense of balance.

If the elders in the family are diabetic, they usually have poor foot circulation and weak sensory nerves. They don’t feel much about grinding their feet with new shoes, but their wound healing ability is poor. Small injuries on their feet can lead to severe necrosis, sometimes even worse. Must be amputated. It is recommended that when choosing shoes, the parts in contact with the skin should be softer.

Shoes that are designed to be too tight will also cause their feet to circulate. When the feet are deformed, it is recommended to consider tailor-made insoles. Children can ask the rehabilitation department of the nearby hospital whether this service is available.

The structure of the feet of the silver-haired people is different from that of the young people. With age, the structure of the front, middle, and heel has changed.

Due to prolonged squeezing, the toes often appear deformed or claw-shaped fingers. In addition, because the muscles and ligaments are loose, it is easy to form acquired flat feet.

And the most important heel, because the fat pad becomes thinner, the ability to cushion pressure becomes weak, and the probability of heel pain and plantar fasciitis becomes higher. Older people can easily hurt their heels if they step on small stones.

Can’t beat the world with a pair of shoes
When children choose shoes for their elders, they should be determined by “functionality.” Coverage, breathability, and shock absorption are also basic conditions. Note that no matter whether you are at home, going out, or exercising, you must have different shoes to adapt to different environments.

Jian Wenren, a physiotherapist at Cathay General Hospital, pointed out that if the elders are going out all day, they should choose shoes with sufficient air permeability, such as casual shoes, and try to avoid materials such as plastic leather. If you want to engage in light exercise today, shock absorption and stability are the priority considerations. Don’t wear sandals. Sports shoes are ideal.
On the whole, silver-haired shoes should be wide in front, tough in the middle, and hard in the heel. Children should pay attention when picking shoes with them.

The front of the shoe is the last. Leave at least one centimeter in front of the toe. Leave enough space for the toe to move. “The principle of the toe can dance in the shoe,” says Jian Wenren.

It is best to have moderate toughness in the shoes, which is less likely to cause turning over. You can pick it up and try to twist it with your hands when picking the shoes. Do not be too hard or too soft. The design of the upper for fixing is simple, such as the devil stick, shoe buckle, etc. The style of tying shoelaces is highly recommended because it is easy to fall off and increases the risk of tripping for silver-haired people.

A heel is a place that needs special attention. Jian Wenren pointed out that the fat pads on the feet of the silver-haired people become thinner with age, and the heel of the shoes should be at least 2 to 3 cm high for shock absorption and help disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet, so do not choose Fully flat shoes.

In terms of material, the skin of the feet of the elders is less oily, and plastic materials such as rain boots are not suitable, and canvas is more breathable.

The low-priced shoes of street vendors usually prefer airtight materials such as plastic. It is better to choose a rubber heel because the anti-slip function of the leather sole is greatly reduced.
However, the industry pointed out that as long as the bottom of any material touches a little water, it will reduce resistance and increase the probability of slipping. So you still need to slow down and step on every step when going out on rainy days.

There is a knack for trying on shoes

The silver-haired people have some knack for trying on shoes. Because the size of the feet of the elders is somewhat different, it is recommended that both feet should be tried on, and you can make a decision after wearing them for more than ten minutes. Flip your feet from side to side while standing to test the stability of the shoes. Walk around and try to squat down. Stand on your toes and heels and feel the fit of the shoes.

More importantly, the feet of the silver-haired people cannot withstand wear and tear. It is recommended not to reserve the so-called adaptation period. You must feel comfortable to wear right now, without any discomfort and pressure, to make shoes suitable for you. It is best to wear socks when trying them on. As long as you feel a little discomfort when you wear them, it is not recommended to buy them.

In addition, everyone knows that evening is the best time to pick shoes, because the feet are the most swollen during the day, and this is even more important for silver-haired people. The doctor reminds us that it does not matter if the size is a little looser, buy too tight The impact is greater.
The doctor reminded once again that if you have the ability, you should invest more in shoes, choose generous and stable shoes for your parents, and don’t let their stubbornness affect your body.

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