running, when you realize that the knee joint discomfort, means that your knee injury has been a serious problem. Knee joint is made up of four bones highly complex joints: femur, patella, fibula and tibia. Multiple sets of muscle fascia to knee ligament support and protection, assist the knee stretching and bending. When we talk about healthy knees, the key is to strengthen the stability of the knee and training of muscle flexibility.

it is well known that knee is carrying the most weight of the body. In fact, study abroad, and higher BMI are more prone to knee joint osteoarthritis, so the importance of the knee joint is self-evident. Professionals explained: around the knee complex organization and structure, usually some inflammation in imperceptible in daily life, if not addressed, pain symptoms will appear, and the resulting pain will increase sustainability.

men and women of the knee joint have obvious difference. Research shows that women are more likely than men to knee joint pain. In fact, the university of Colorado, according to a study published in the female athlete’s knee 4 – more than men 6 times. Obviously, all aspects could lead to damaged knee.

what reason cause knee problems?

because of knee joint is so complex that the complexity of the joints, so it is often hard to track down the cause of the problem. Can say for sure, however, compared with trauma, excessive use of usually cause a knee problem.

running in the process of training and exercise, you often ignore a problem is that the increase of the intensity is one of the causes of knee pain is to make sure that you will not make the body overload, please change a exercise habits best at a time. For example, if you increase the running speed today, you need to reduce the running mileage. Because your body didn’t get the necessary recovery time, greater pressure on your joints and the load. Therefore, only when you are ready to increase gradually. In addition, another way that is wear or began to appear in the sole is 300 – 500 miles, this time is generally need to replace a pair of the most suitable for the foot of the development of the new shoes. Third, choose the orthotic insole manufacturers has arches bear, ease the movement of the foot fatigue and pain.

so how to contact strengthen knee?

1。 Through their legs crouch down and strengthen quadriceps – leg lifts Strengthen the quadriceps can benefit the knee really. This is because the powerful quadrilateral and help stabilize the joint in the process of movement to provide an additional buffer. If you feel unwell, in the process of movement through this way exercise to strengthen the vitality of quadriceps, this movement also to knee joint from the future.

2。 Straight leg – ascension This is a dynamic stretching, bend your knees in front of the back to keep three seconds.

3。 – strengthen the leg muscles Well developed hamstring has several advantages. Strong hamstring is very important to speed up strength and increase muscle endurance. At the same time when you bend your knees or hips move back they will activate. When in strenuous sports such as running, these muscles will help ‘will load from knee to buttocks’.

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