How to run to thin leg

will run really crus coarse? How to run to thin leg?

first of all, we want to know, we the shape of a calf mainly by area after crus muscle group – — The soleus, gastrocnemius and shallow superficial fascia – — We often say that fat.

run to lose fat it is beyond doubt, so of course we can run through lower body fat rate, to achieve the effect of thin leg. But if you don’t pay attention to the muscles, it is very likely to be our daily mentioned ‘leg coarsens’ after running.

muscle morphological changes mainly has two possibilities, the first is common enlargement is a sham.

1。 Pseudo enlargement

running just at the end of the calf muscle group also very tense, very rich blood supply, at this time if directly stop movement, makes difficult to alleviate muscle tensions and blood sedimentation, the calf will ‘look’ gain ‘rough’.

so, in order to alleviate congestion tense muscles, after running should be fully stretching, relax muscle, accelerate the blood circulation. At the same time, the tensile and conducive to release when running muscles in the accumulation of lactic acid, reduce muscle acid stimulation, alleviate muscle pain, promote the recovery.

after running, especially after a long run, you can do the following stretching lighten the movement damage, at the same time to strengthen sports results, to shape the perfect muscle.

2。 Adduction muscle stretching

take sitting position, bend your knees, two feet and relatively close to the body, hands clenched the orthotic insole manufacturers of your feet, make sure its relatively tight. Will your knees slowly to be near the floor, when reach the limit, maintain posture for a few seconds, and then back to the starting position.

3。 Quadriceps stretch

the left hand to hold the chair or the wall, backward bending right knee; Right hand holding his right foot, pull the heel to the hips. Stretching the entire keep your back straight. Stay for 30 seconds, in his right foot stretch.

4。 Calf stretch

standing in front of a wall or railing, one foot against the wall and put the other foot, lean forward to the front, let the back leg leg stretch. Heel don’t off the ground. After 30 seconds in the foot.

5。 Leg muscle stretching after

back on bended leg and lie, let your feet touch the ground. Will slowly pulled his left knee to the chest, and then extend left crus, make it across the top of the head; With walking left crus, take a deep breath and slowly, at the same time to press the left leg ( Pay attention to according to our own flexibility) 。 After 30 seconds, switch to the other foot.

6。 The iliotibial band stretching

the body upright, feet wide open with a hip, will cross the left foot and then on the right side of the arms over their heads to maintain balance. Repeat this action in side. The iliotibial band is located in the outer thighs at the bottom of the band of connective tissue. This action can prevent knee peripheral inflammation ( The iliotibial band syndrome) As a result of the pain.

every action do 15 ~ 30 seconds, repeat 3 ~ 5 times. Always takes about 10 minutes. Action should not be too hard to moderate some; Do every breathing during tensile action to keep freedom, don’t breath as far as possible; Don’t stretch, pain but feel tense as well.

our muscles are made up of many muscle cells, due to its slender shape is also called muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are divided into two types: Ⅰ type fiber, also known as red muscle fiber and the slow muscle fibers or oxide fibers; Ⅱ type fiber, also known as white muscle fibers, fast muscle fibers or fast solution sugar fiber. Ⅰ more Ⅱ more slender.

in terms of function, red muscle fiber anaerobic ability is low, aerobic capacity, high shrinkage speed slow, contraction force is small, anti-fatigue ability, plays a main role in the maintenance work. Opposite of white muscle fibers, anaerobic capacity, high aerobic capacity is low, contraction speed, contraction force big, weak ability to resist fatigue, is mainly responsible for some large work strength and the burst of speed.

everyone’s muscles and the composition of each muscle is different, such as the composition of the soleus in red muscle fiber proportion can reach 80%. But the proportion is not invariable, it is in the dynamic change. Exercise is a great influence factors.

studies show that regular endurance exercise can increase slow myosin expression, to accelerate the Ⅰ type fiber phenotypic change. This change takes about 1 week time. Change after the fiber cross-sectional area is almost unaffected. On the contrary, the strength training increases the number of fibers, make original Ⅱ type fiber stronger, increase the volume. Had a great influence on the cross-sectional area of muscle fiber. So sprint, weight lifting, etc for power and high power requirements after muscle growth will be more obvious, and long distance especially the greater demand for endurance sports such as the marathon for muscle shaping effect is more obvious.

so don’t choose to run, but the appropriate speed and regular running exercise, in exercise at the same time reduce the possibility of a calf enlargement.

7。 Running posture

if running all the stress was concentrated in the calf, even jog, crus muscle load will be overweight. Why pressure will be concentrated on the leg? There are two common reasons:

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