How to use half size insoles?

How to use half size insoles?

The method of using half-size insole is very simple: just put it on the front half of the shoe like an insole!
Generally, if the high heels are bought large, it is easy to fall off when walking, but the full cushion is not used, then a half-size insole will be very suitable. When wearing shoes with the upper half pad, the heel will not fall off easily.

How to use half size insoles?
1. Stick the half-size insole on the heel of the shoe to increase the friction between the heel and the inside of the shoe, so that the heel will not fall off.
2. Generally speaking, a half-size insole made of silicone material is better, but other materials can also be selected to protect the heel.
3. The reason why half-size insoles are used is because high heels are not suitable for full cushions. Why is the half cushion suitable for high heel insoles? First of all, high-heeled shoes have insoles, and the angles of their high-heels are well designed, and the full cushion will destroy the shape and angle of the high-heels, and it is not easy to walk. So a half-size insole will be better.

What is the size of the half-size insole?
Half-size insole refers to an insole equivalent to half the size of a full-size insole, which protects shoes and feet. Foot shoes are large or non-slip can be used. Wearing shoes with half-size pads, people feel that the feet will be a little fuller in the shoes, and will not be very empty. In summer, women who don’t wear socks are prone to slipping. If you put half a yard of pads on it, it will have a slowing effect.

Half-size insoles generally have the following three uses: ⒈When women wear high heels, use soft and elastic half-size cushions to close to the forefoot, which can bear a considerable part of the weight on the forefoot, which can greatly reduce the pressure and lift on the forefoot. To support the role of the forefoot.
⒉The half-size pad is mainly for the forefoot of the foot. It has massage points to reduce the pressure on the foot, thereby alleviating the discomfort caused by walking and making you feel relaxed and natural. Therefore, the half-size pad is also called the forefoot pad, which is especially suitable Use when ladies wear high-heeled leather shoes or casual shoes.
⒊Because the half-size pad (forefoot pad) has a certain thickness, it has a certain adjustment effect on the shoe size after putting it on. It is suitable for some people whose foot size is different from the standard shoe size. The size is smaller, so adding a half-yard pad will improve it.

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