according to statistics, in the winter because of the number of sports injuries and to see a doctor is 30% higher than in the summer. With the reduction of temperature outdoor sports crowd muscle sprain, strain, soreness, joint damage, cramps, cardiovascular problems, etc. , have become quite common.

this is because, after the temperature drops, the human body in order to avoid too much heat, are taken by the contraction of muscles and blood vessels to reduce heat loss. ‘Side effect’ is caused, muscles and ligaments of the circulation of the blood, ductility and flexibility to drop, even in a rigid state, are more likely to cause injury or sprain.

in addition, if in the absence of sufficient warm-up, makes the local muscle exercise in a short time becomes too large, is likely to cause excessive muscle contraction of oxygen, resulting in tetanic contraction, namely the cramp.

in autumn winter season, so the early stage of the movement of warm-up exercises also want to extend, in order to raise the body temperature and speed of the various parts of the body’s blood circulation, which can optimize the ductility of bodily each organization, until the body parts fully opened to begin formal exercise.

to introduce five qiu dong season lower limbs to warm up before exercise will do prepare action:

the ankle dorsiflexion

sat down in the yoga mat, use on ankle dorsiflexion tensile elastic band, if there is no elastic band can also use the towel.

the tensile action is for the calf muscles and Achilles tendon and plantar fascia to warm up. In addition, the warming up activities can let you of the various parts of the body.

the number of drawing should be decided according to individual circumstance is. In general, the recommended stretch for 30 seconds at a time, rest for a few seconds after repeated twice.

if you already have plantar fasciitis problems, then recommended for every morning when the exercise, which can effectively relieve the pain. Lunges before

this movement can carry on the full stretch to the calf muscles, especially the soleus. In addition, can also help the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia stretch.

lunges before action can be on the steps, may also directly against the wall on the ground in order to increase the stability.

each stretch suggests keeping 30 seconds, and then change side leg exercises. A set of recommendations repeat 2 ~ 3 times.

toes stretching

toes is many people carelessly overlooked during a warm-up. But toe joint damage may cause inflammation of the joints, soft tissue injury or mallet toes, hallux valgus and other structural foot problems. The movement of drawing on a daily basis, help solve these foot problems.

the ankle plantar flexion

this action is aimed at the ankle joints, ligaments and tendons.

in order to increase the amplitude of the stretch, you can also clockwise and counterclockwise rotation ankle, rotate 30 ~ 60 seconds each time, can repeat several groups of appropriately. If you have habitual ankle sprains or tendonitis in distress, this action helps to restore function.

hip stretching

in the other direction, then the foot can be stretched, namely the valgus stretching, which will open the inside of the foot and ankle muscular activity. It can effectively help reduce tibial tendon inflammation and the conformity of symptoms.

each stretch advised to keep for 30 seconds, repeat twice.

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