the foot is known as the ‘second heart’, because the foot blood vessels were full, also support the weight of the body, relieve the ground to the impact of the body, so the foot is very important to protect the body. But people with severe flat feet, in the walk, due to defects of the arch, there is no way to have the effect of buffer, at this time is about to configure a pair of correct shoes. From the foot of the code reading, we find corrective action principle of shoes.

corrective shoe custom orthopedic insoles and correction as the name implies is to have the product of corrective action, can with sufficient evaginate, flat feet, such problems as high arches of the foot help the corrective action. If your feet wet, and printed onto a piece of paper, you can see the footprints on the paper. If complete aligned with the ball in the middle of the footprints, or from the proportion, the width and the forefoot, means that may be suffering from severe flat feet. , of course, if you want to know exactly what the feet development situation, will take children to the correct shoes and custom insoles center. Correct shoes and custom insoles center has large three-dimensional measurement and gait tracking device, can give accurate measurements, clearly know the foot development situation.

the foot of the normal development is very important for a person. Some deformity development besides shape not good-looking, also will bring more problems to life. Can’t walk far, for example, sports will pain, etc. This will require a corrective shoes and custom insoles for help. Correct shoes and custom insoles is one of the most important principle, through controlled after sufficient evaginate degree, reduce the chances of scaphoid bulge, followed by a cup; According to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, gives the most close to the required volume followed by locking corrective insoles and orthodontic force; And reduce the flat under the full bow sufficient evaginate happened after the collapse and the chances of dual density soles design, to implement effectively the centralizer heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk reduce joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications.

but correct shoes to dress at the same time, also need help through a series of stretching muscle recovery. Sufficient evaginate after severe flat feet, one important reason is the insufficient muscle strength is difficult to maintain normal arch of the foot, so need to exercise to assist. Flat feet of self-exercise method are many, toes grip down, lift up, and skip rope jumping movement can make flat gain a certain degree of correction and rehabilitation.

knew the correct shoes principle, according to own actual situation of science and the corresponding correction, sufficient evaginate after severe flat feet and the crowd is a correction can wear shoes and appropriate exercise recovery.

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