arch is an important structure of our feet, make full of flexibility in our feet. Flatfoot is arch is in a state of flat, lack of push the body’s ability to move forward. The expert points out, the foot of the infant fat full, mostly flat feet, this is a general phenomenon, mom and dad don’t worry. Baby at the age of 3 to see more trenchant arch of the foot, if the foot is still relatively flat, could be flat feet.

the guangdong people’s hospital of doctor of vice director of bone surgery xiao said, flat feet don’t treatment of is not just a foot injury. Xiao doctor explained, foot as the foundation of the house, out of the question, if the foundation will certainly affect the above. Specific to the human body, if flat, foot arches with outer, will lead to leg appear internal rotation to correct it, form the compensatory, cause an effect to the knee joint. By the same token, the human body in order to adapt to the pathological morphological flat feet, hip, knee, the spine occur deformation to suit to compensatory flat feet. Flat feet not timely intervention, to the whole body has a different degree of damage, sichuan huaxi sports medicine center director li arrow to an interview said that so far the domestic most places don’t have a epidemiological investigation to explain the child’s foot health problems do what, when found the problem to the hospital, often have been adult, has lost the chance of correcting. In severe cases, can only take the foot orthopaedic surgical procedure to correct.

4 around the age of children and adolescents, the formation of golden arches, the serious flat feet, if the home has children to intervene as soon as possible, today we say how to correct intervention serious flat feet. First of all, parents should learn to discern between the child’s flat feet. Generally if the child’s foot muscles appear too slack or stiff, leg pain, Louis symptoms such as fatigue, may be formed after serious flat feet, foot evaginate, high arches of the foot, affect children’s gait and daily life activities.

for serious flat feet, professional agencies should take it to the first foot inspection, such as correct shoe insoles insoles and custom center, according to the foot to check again, choose the appropriate corrective shoes, correct shoes and custom insoles custom orthopedic insoles center on how to correction of custom severe flat feet in the shoes. , of course, in addition to the correct shoes, parents should encourage their children to actively take part in sports activities, also in the process of movement, will appear in the development of foot problems, can improve slowly. Sports can do some foot massage, stretching, help to improve the condition of flatfoot.

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