Orthodontic insoles have a lot of knowledge, do not confuse it with ordinary insoles

The health of the foot is inseparable from the choice of insoles. In addition to ordinary insoles in daily life, the same is true for orthopedic insoles with functional designs. But do you know what orthopedic insoles are?

The shape of the orthopedic insole is very similar to the insoles we usually put in shoes. Many people will think that the orthopedic insoles are no different from ordinary insoles. In fact, the role of orthopedic insoles is something that ordinary insoles can’t do. It is a special insole that can be placed in shoes to intervene and adjust the walking posture. If you observe carefully, you will find that the corrective insole has a convex curve, which is designed according to the principles of biomechanics to support the arch of the foot and assist in intervening in various foot problems caused by the collapse of the arch and the collapse of the arch.

It should be noted that the arch size of the mass-produced orthopedic insoles on the market is made according to the normal arch degree, which is suitable for the general population; for some people with foot problems, professional data collection and design are required. , Make corrective insoles with specific arch height to suit specific individuals.

This is why we have always emphasized that orthopedic insoles need to be customized and purchased that suits their foot development in order to more effectively intervene in foot problems.

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