The principle of orthopedic shoes


For people, shoes are equivalent to the foundation of a building, and their importance is equal. The adjustment of a person’s “foundation” is the most direct adjustment method of the person’s center of gravity and the most fundamental adjustment of the human body’s mechanical state. In the medical profession, the use of special shoes to correct posture has always been the most basic method, called: orthopedic shoes, the most common is the height of the lower limbs of patients with unequal length shoes, used to correct pelvic tilt and scoliosis, is to use Shoes to correct. Shape orthopedic shoes are the continuation and in-depth research on orthopedic shoes, correcting anterior pelvic tilt and spine bending (bent over), and at the same time extend the orthopedic function of orthopedic shoes to daily life, so that it can be used as much as possible. Great effect. Correcting the posture must correct the center of gravity, and the most fundamental way to correct the center of gravity of a person is to correct the foundation, that is, the force on the foot. The dance teaching material clearly states that the important difference between good posture and bad posture lies in the position of the center of gravity. For those who hunch over, the center of gravity of the person moves forward. The most fundamental method of dance training is to force the center of gravity of the person to move backward. The most typical is the “one” training method in ballet body training, which is a professional method for forcing the center of gravity to shift back, which is relatively difficult. The shape training shoes with the soles high in the front and low in the back can also force the center of gravity to shift back. It is more suitable for ordinary people and beginners, and it is also a routine training method in the dance industry, and related theories are also basic knowledge in the industry.
The same method has been widely used in other fields, especially in the field of construction. The most famous example is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was rescued by correcting the foundation when it was on the verge of collapse. In order to prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from continuing to tilt to the south, the experts pumped soil from the foundation on the north side to raise the foundation on the south side relatively, forcing the center of gravity of the leaning tower to move in the opposite direction and return to the safe range. In the construction industry, this method is called the “foundation stress relief method”, which is widely used in rescuing endangered buildings and plays a huge role. The shape training shoes with the soles high in the front and low in the back are also used to reduce the height of the foundation in the opposite direction, and they are also used to correct deviations. The principle is exactly the same.

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