according to the statistics, 10% of the world’s people were ‘heel pain’, and ‘plantar fasciitis is heel pain caused by common cause. Plantar fasciitis is visible in all kinds of people, mainly includes the stand for a long time, such as athletes, long-distance runners, body mass index ( BMI) More than 30, diabetes patients and the elderly. So what is the plantar fasciitis? The function of the arch like bow ( Is the archery bow) String, plantar fascia is like a bow. Keep the shape of the arch in the tension of the bowstring. But every time you walk the one step, as your leg muscles pull, ‘bowstring’ tightening and stretching, your body like an arrow shot out. When drawing is too hard and too often, this ‘string’ were outraged, and then it will be like ‘spring cotton’, ‘boom’ play on your feet! Then the is bothering you plantar fasciitis.

so what take many steps every day just right, neither to exercise, and ensure the foot legs don’t hurt? Vary from person to person, should according to their own age and body mass, select targeted exercise, and stick to it. Not every step away tens of thousands of, can let the body more healthy. Walking for fitness, choose an hour in the morning or after dinner, it is advisable to 30 minutes to 1 hour, step walk 5000 steps – 8000 is suitable for a day, 7000 a day – in young adults Walk 8000 steps is normal; The elderly or frail 5000 – every day 6000 steps can achieve movement effect. 1, let the foot rest. One good way to ease the plantar fasciitis is limit your time spent on the feet. The less pressure on your feet, your feet will have more time to heal. 2, do simple stretch. All day from time to time to stretch your legs and toes to prevent hardening. By relaxing the ligament, you can strengthen the muscles of the arch department, and can alleviate the pain. 3, the ice on the heel. This can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Or you can put a golf ball, or a bottle of water in the refrigerator, after the freeze into ice use it to massage the soles of your feet. Must bear the massage massage thoroughly inside the arch to reduce inflammation, relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

4, corrective insoles can buy corrective insoles in under the guidance of professional doctors. If you are walking or running feet varus or valgus, you may need to customize orthotics or custom orthopedic insoles.

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