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Breathable Diabetic Shoes






Breathable Diabetic Shoes K 6888#

Size: 35#-46#

Valuable extra-depth Diabetic Shoe for patients with diabetes.
Seamless and soft padded lining for comfort and Breathable upper guarantee ventilation.
Wide toe box ensuring effective pressure relief and protect toes.
Injection Polyurethane ultra-light Sole conceals the additional depth.
3/16″ or more room available for accommodative or functional orthosis to be placed inside.
Traction Control Sole.
Mild double rocker sole relieves midfoot prominence, such as rocker-bottom foot or a Charcot foot deformity.
The hook & loop straps fasten and ufasten with one hand easily.

Breathable Diabetic Shoes

Breathable Diabetic Shoes
Breathable Diabetic Shoes
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