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Orthopedic Shoes Microfiber leather K9057#






Orthopedic Shoes microfiber leather K 9057#

Size: 35#-46#


  • The breathable mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities.
  • The soft padded seam-free lining eliminates pressure points and abrasion protects sensitive feet superiorly.
  • The Big-toe box protects the toes and toe movement, offers extra room for wide feet.
  • The hidden extra depth provides plenty of space for custom orthotics.
  • The fit of the entire forefoot can be adjusted by the tightness of the shoelace
  • Adapt to various foot conditions from edema to foot deformities, and keep feet healthy.
    Padded Tongues

Orthopedic Shoes

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Orthopedic Shoes
Orthopedic Shoes
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