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Semi-rigid & Flexible Support Orthotic Insole



Semi-rigid and flexible Support Orthotic Insole


The Media Longitudinal Arch height of 1.4 inches combined with the Metatarsal Pad helps to distribute the weight-bearing force under the foot and reduce foot impact.

It helps to reshape the whole body line of force, adjust the spine and joints in a unified direction, stabilize the entire body structure, and distribute weight correctly;

Semi-rigid & Flexible TPU Shell supports the foot and protects the heel;

Mid-layer CR foam provides flexibility and absorbs impact for superior comfort;

The built-in Metatarsal Pad in the forefoot supports the metatarsals, disperses the impact force on the forefoot, and avoids metatarsalgia;

The heel spacer provides comfortable shock absorption and pain relief for long walks or standing.


Top Cover: Synthetic Leather

Middle layer: high-density cushioning CR Foam

Shell: TPU

Bottom: imitation carbon fiber PU leather

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