Natural wool material — High-quality shoe insert. For snow booths or shoes.

1.  100% all-natural pure shearing wool fabric for warmth and comfort;

2. Otholite breathable middle layer material has a cushioning effect, giving the insoles breathing function, and keeping cold air out of the shoes;

3. The bottom aluminum film can provide additional thermal insulation, thereby isolating the soles of the feet from the cold and wet ground, keeping your feet and toes warm and comfortable in a cold environment.

Wool Insoles for Boots Display


Shoe Insoles Parameter

 Type:   Best warm insoles
 Material:   Shearing wool plush + 5mm PU foam + Aluminum film
 Color:   Beige + Silver + Yellow
 Function:   Super Warm, Soft and comfortable, Lightweight, Washable
 Cooperation:   ODM, OEM, and Custom made Available
 Payment terms:   T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
 Package:   Plastic box ; Colored Paper box ; Polybag, etc.
 Port of Loading:   XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA
 Model No.   283